Friday Round Up: Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkster goes racist on you, brother?

This week has been relatively light on news that we can use. But if you read on we do have some interesting stuff about Spider-Man and Robin in upcoming Marvel and DC movies, Hulk Hogan getting a big elbow from the WWE and some insanely large Hot Toys Star Wars vehicles. Catch up on what you missed and join the discussion on the week’s nerdy controversies.

Above is the new trailer for the next James Bond movie, SPECTRE. I’ve been a Bond fan from a young age and have watched all the movies more times than I can count. I’m pretty excited to see the new version of Bond’s classic terrorist nemesis. Still no official word on who Christoph Waltz is playing but going by his look, he’s essentially playing the Blofeld role, even if they don’t use that name. He was one of Bond’s best enemies because he had the most victories over Bond (killing his wife), he kept coming back and he was a total creep. I was definitely a fan of Skyfall and this is the same team. Fingers crossed it is as good.


The Russo brothers (directors of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War) apparently joined Twitter. They posted three cryptic close-up photos that may hint at plot elements of the movie and MAYBE what Spider-Man could look like. The above photo might be SOKOVIA ACCORDS. I’m putting that together from the fact that Sokovia got messed up by Ultron in the Avengers sequel and in Ant-Man’s post-credits sequence (MINOR SPOILER IN THE NEXT SENTENCE) Captain America tells Falcon that Tony Stark can’t help because he’s busy with “the accords.” Perhaps more interesting are the following two photos that were tweeted:

It’s just speculation but maybe that red and dark navy/black texture is from the new Spider-Man suit? Tom Holland will appear as the character for the first time in this movie. Maybe they’re going with the darker hues associated with the Steve Ditko art in the early Spidey comics? But the top one, of some sort of shutter lens, look at that. What if Spider-Man has eye lenses that can open wider or squint closed to allow the character some range of expression? Artists frequently do this with his eyes to express surprise or confusion. It would at least be a cool idea if the new version could do that.

#Repost @cruelfilms ??? Boy wonder? A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on

There is speculation that director Zack Snyder has cast his son, Eli, as Robin in a flashback in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. If you watch the trailer closely, you can easily see that Bruce Wayne has Robin’s empty suit memorialized in his Batcave, spray-painted with Joker’s graffiti, implying Robin was killed at some point in the past.


Secret Wars cover Alex Ross

Here is a new cover by Alex Ross for Marvel’s Secret Wars event. If you look closely at the shards of images surrounding the center, they refer to classic Marvel events: Spider-Man meeting Superman, Elektra killed by Bullseye, Phoenix attacking the X-Men. Can you identify every reference? Some of them are a bit obscure.


hulk hogan silly face

Hulk Hogan has always been the face of pro wrestling. But now if you go to, you will not find Hogan listed in their history or in their Hall of Fame. They just quietly deleted his profiles from their site this week. Why? A lot of speculation is that he went on a racist tirade recently, possibly in his legal deposition for his lawsuit against Gawker media. But none of that is confirmed. I miss the Hogan that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia describes: blond Chinese hair and the skin of a hot dog. Failed venture Hulk Hogan. Not racist Hogan.

sharknado 3 in space

This past Wednesday was SyFy Channel’s apparently now-annual Sharknado movie. I gotta say, I had fun with the first two and watched this one. But it fell very flat for me. I wondered why because quality is obviously not a factor in these cheapy movies. I think the reason the first one worked was because it had a crazy premise but then had halfway decent actors way overly committed to it. It wasn’t boring. It was ridiculous but making fun of the logic fails was a huge part of the fun. It’s strange because I don’t believe you can intentionally make a so-bad-it’s-good movie. For example: The Room. I think the folks involved in making the movie knew it was schlock but did try in the first one to make something watchable. The second one was 100% aware of how bad it was and skated close to the intentionally-bad and therefore actually-bad but it was saved with really funny cameos. Extra funny because no one should be excited by cameos of, like, Wil Wheaton or starring turns by Mark McGrath. And they had some good set pieces that they pulled off (even though the CG sharks always look terrible). But the third one? I felt like they lined up the dumb cameos first, along with their ideas for set pieces and then worked backwards to create a story that fit that stuff in there. The opening act in D.C. is generally useless. Going into space felt very forced. I was just bored.

kumail nanjiani on x-files

I’m a big fan of comedian Kumail Nanjiani. His stand-up, his work on Silicon Valley, his podcasting. He hosts a show called The X-Files Files where he and a guest watch the show’s important episodes, in order. He’s a huge fan. And now he got to live out his nerdy dream by being invited to appear on the show, currently filming a 6-episode event return. Pretty cool.


hot toys millenium falcon

Hot Toys is the premier action figure studio, turning out 12″ lifelike representations of popular characters from Marvel movies, Terminator, Star Wars and more. And now they’ve gone crazy and created a to-scale Millenium Falcon at 1/6 scale, making it 18 feet long. Now, this one was created for display purposes at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong. But now that they can make it, you have to wonder if they’d create custom orders for collectors? If so, it would likely cost a small fortune. The figures run around $300 so a model this size could EASILY run $5,000 or more. But you know what? It’d probably sell.

hasbro brand architecture 2016

Hasbro had a financial conference call for its stakeholders. One interesting thing to emerge was their plans for the near future. It’s sad not to see G.I. Joe represented in any way but they do apparently have plans to bring back a related brand: M.A.S.K. which was a team of heroes that had transforming vehicles and masks that each had a power. There’s a rumor that one of the M.A.S.K. characters is slated to appear in the third G.I. Joe movie and if it does well, do a spinoff. They also list Micronauts as a returning brand. They had a popular Marvel comics series throughout the 80s and helped establish the Microverse.

  • William Bruce West

    Thank you so much for clarifying what Cap said about Tony in that bonus scene. I couldn’t make it out when I was in the theater.

    As for Sharknado 3, I’m with you. I was bored, but I really felt like they pulled it back up in the end. Still, at the end of the day, it was probably one Sharknado too many.

  • Chris Piers

    You know, Sharknado really felt like everything was designed just for people to mention on Twitter. And then that terrible ending where we all have to vote for whether a character lives or dies with a Twitter hashtag? That’s cruel. Am I a fan of Tara Reid? No, but I don’t want to affect whether she gets a job or not with a casual tweet.

  • Shawn

    You should include a spoiler warning up there if you’re going to talk about anything from Ant Man, considering how new the movie is. I just read the “…in Ant Man’s post credits scene…” and immediately stopped reading this update. Others might not stop so soon. I don’t see movies right away!