Friday Round Up: What Washed Up This Week?

Chris Piers   July 31, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: What Washed Up This Week?

Here’s a trailer for an upcoming comedy by Seth Rogen. It looks weird and maybe fun. Anyway, it’s a really light week. There weren’t any real controversies in the world of sci-fi, toys, comics, and so on. And only a little bit of news. We have some tidbits about Marvel, Game of Thrones, X-Files, and Star Wars. Enjoy!


night nurse

Previously, we reported that Rachel McAdams was in discussions to join Doctor Strange as the female lead. But who would she play? The obvious choice would be Clea, who was Dr. Strange’s girlfriend (and who cheated on him with Ben Franklin). But now it seems like she might play Night Nurse. The character was prominent in Brian K. Vaughan’s Dr. Strange story “The Oath.” Also, the Netflix Daredevil show planned to use Night Nurse and were told they had to use a slightly different character because there were plans to use the Linda Carter version of Night Nurse in a future movie. Either way, we know we won’t sleep until we know who McAdams will play. We may not even breathe.

William Shatner made yet another Star Trek documentary. This one is called Chaos on the Bridge and according to early reviews, it’s really interesting. It follows the early, troubled seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and how Gene Roddenberry actually made things kind of difficult. What makes it better than average is that Shatner was able to get a hold of all the key executives behind the scenes to explain what was going on at the time.


live action star wars

There’s a rumor (and just a rumor so far) that Disney was really impressed with how well Daredevil did on Netflix so now they are revisiting the idea George Lucas had to do a live action Star Wars show. The thought is the Netflix model would allow them the time and budget to present a TV show that fits with the big-budget films they’re creating. I could see it working, for sure. I’m just not convinced Disney actually has that interest. An animated show would be cheaper.

game of thrones walkers

It’s frequently been said that Game of Thrones would be likely to last seven seasons. That hasn’t been a confirmed plan, though, and at this past week’s Television Critics Association press event, Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming, said they plan on doing at least eight seasons. That would be three more to cover the (as yet unpublished) final two novels in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. Sounds about right. I’m sure HBO would love to do even more but budget is an issue and they’d really have to have expanded earlier subplots to make it work, since there’s a story to follow. Still, it gives me, as a fan of the books, some hope to see more Greyjoy and maybe even Lady Stoneheart stuff.


lego wash up

In 1997 a boat had a cargo spill off the coast of Cornwall, England. Today, Lego bricks from that spill still wash ashore every day. Here’s the story of one lady who documents where the bricks wash up and what people find.

lego x-files

Meanwhile, Lego rejected the Lego Ideas submission for Lego X-Files, arguing it was too grown-up and featured too many mature themes for its audience. Too bad, because Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were on board.