Friday Round Up: Welcome to The Robot’s Pajamas


Hey there. New to the site? Well let me bring you up to speed. Every Friday I post some random links of things I thought were noteworthy, cool, or what have you. Sometimes I talk about my boring life. Either way, I think you’ll dig this feature. Trust me.

Site Stuff

Red Letter: Wow, this week was kind of crazy. It kicked of with a bang when the internet movie review crew / movie making crew Red Letter Media linked to us. So many people clicked on their link at once that it crushed the site. Yippie!

I’ve disabled some old plug-ins and installed one to help with cache, so hopefully that will help matters a bit. If you’re new to the site from that link, thanks for coming and I hope you stick around. Usually when these big traffic rushes happen it all dries up after about three days. This time was a little bit different since a bunch of people liked the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page, so there’s some hope that it wasn’t all just another blink and you’re done surge. We are busting our robotic nutsacks over here to provide some great free entertainment, we don’t want to be just shouting into the wind.

On a related note, I really hope to meet the Red Letter Media folks some day. We live in the same city, it should be a given that internet titans such as ourselves would have a real life meet up, damn it!

Movie Stuff


Wolf Gnards: I’m a huge fan of the website/twitter account/Facebook page Wolf Gnards. Dude puts out some of the finest pop culture related content out there. His stuff is visually clever and it makes you think. He recently put up a post I’m in love with, “Walter Peck: Environmental Hero.” The last time I watched Ghostbusters I thought, “Man that EPA guy is kind of a dick, but he is doing his job.” Too bad I didn’t think of posting that!

Guardians of the Galaxy: I want to see this film mostly due to the fact it looks like it could be a cool sci-fi/action adventure flick. The talking Racoon dude really sells it for me. To be honest, I have nostalgic ties to the 80s era Guardians, so these dudes are pretty foreign to me, still that doesn’t hurt my desire to see the film at all.

Toy Stuff


Star Wars Black: Well the 6 in. Star Wars Black line has been hitting stores and unlike many fans, I’m sitting it out until a few select figures come out. If you want to know my concerns with the line, here’s a really long video review of them. But to put it in simple terms: Over priced for what you get.

Win Stuff with Diamond Select: Diamond Select Toys has got a nifty little contest going on. You take awesome pictures of their Marvel figures and you can win a boat load of cool prizes. If I had any of their Marvel figures I’d totally be in (I’ve never pulled the trigger, despite being very close a few times)

Jetfire: This is the last time, I swear. Just got to fit in one more plug for my thoughts on the 2013 G.I. Joe/Transformers SDCC set that I put up over on

Video Game Stuff


Video Game Art: Got to love fine art based on video games.

Vintage Gaming: I recently decided to blow the dust off of some of my old gaming systems to play them again. I got a Super NES, Dreamcast, and a Saturn all ready to go. Unfortunately my TV doesn’t have a hook up for any of them. Argh! I ordered this converter and hopefully it will work the way I want it to. Technology moving forward will only make it harder for fans of old games, but thank goodness for the people in India and China making the weird hook ups and converters.

Comic Book Stuff

Marvel’s Star Wars: I finished reading all of Marvel’s wild and crazy Star Wars comic book run. Chris shared this link talking about why they’re great. I agree. I plan on bringing back an old feature that incorporates the wild and crazy covers from those comic books now.

Tabletop Gaming Stuff

Which D&D Character Are You? This really handy thing has a ton of questions to help narrow down what kind of D&D character you would be based on your desires and personality. I got human lawful good Paladin, which is what I usually play, so that’s cool. What’s odd is when my girlfriend wanted to play D&D she wanted to be a gnome super bad. She took the test and she got gnome. Weird.

  • montewilliams

    For what it’s worth, I wrote this in November 2009:

    “…the film’s (human) villain is a representative of the Environmental Protection Agency. Today, he’d be the hero; the ‘Busters, with their nuclear-powered backpacks, would be the villains.”

    Also, everybody knows the increased traffic is due to the collective, belated realization that Robot’s Pajamas hosted my bloated, self-serious rant about Monsters University.