Friday Round Up: Turn Up the Bass, Turn up the Air Conditioning

Jessie Graf is a stuntwoman. She sometimes doubles for Supergirl. Well, she competed on the new season/new obstacle course of American Ninja Warrior and was the first woman to beat the course. And she did it while wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Really fun, short video. Very impressive strength and dexterity on play here.

Read on for cool news about pop culture art shows, official Star Trek podcasts, Mr. T and Gremlins in Lego form, Gym Gordon, toddlers cosplaying at killing one another and more!


Apparently actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a big fan of World of Warcraft so even though she isn’t in the new Warcraft movie, she attended the red carpet premier dressed in orc cosplay! Not only that, she gave a shout out to the famous Leeroy Jenkins video. Wow, she’s pretty cool even if the movie apparently is a dog turd.

Lego Dimensions included a lot of pop culture characters in the game and Lego sets: Ghostbusters, Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, Simpsons, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, The Lego Movie, Jurassic World, Scooby Doo, and even Portal.

Now comes Lego Dimensions 2 with even more franchises including a lot of 80s ones I never would have guessed at: the new Ghostbusters film, Adventure Time, Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter, The A-Team, The Goonies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sonic the Hedgehog, Teen Titans Go!, Knight Rider, The Powerpuff Girls, Gremlins, Beetlejuice, and E.T.


skeletor art

If you love He-Man AND you’re an artist, here’s a show that’s coming up soon looking for submissions. The theme is Skeletor and his henchmen. You can read about it here and it will take place at a comic book store in Florida.


A photography studio in New Jersey, Mother Hubbard Photography, that specializes in pictures of little kids decided to replicate scenes from The Walking Dead TV show. I guess it’s not completely out of bounds or anything but I gotta admit I find it really creepy in a not-fun way. I enjoy the show but what parent is okay with their kid aiming a gun at another kid or having a gun aimed at their kid? It’s weird to me. Do you think I’m overreacting?

CBS announced an official Star Trek podcast titled “Engage.” They’ll release three one-hour episodes on June 15, followed by a new episode every week. Jordan Hoffman, writer of the “One Trek Mind” blog at is the host. His first guests will be Weird Al Yankovic and television director Adam Nimoy, the late Leonard Nimoy’s son.

star trek insignia coin

In related Star Trek news, you can now buy this commemorative coin shaped like a Starfleet insignia. It will cost you $1,300 (Canadian). But it’s legal as real money in Canada. But only for $200. I’d love it if someone in the world did that. Spent $1,300 on a coin then bought something for $200. But no one will do that.


lea thompson chip zdarsky howard the duck

Lea Thompson has been in movies that range from great (Back to the Future) to interesting (Red Dawn) to crap (Howard the Duck). But to her credit, she embraces them all because she knows they all have their fans. So when current Howard the Duck writer Chip Zdarsky approached her about appearing in the comic book as herself, she said sure. And this week it happened. Howard currently works as a private investigator and helps Thompson who is missing part of her memories and it seems to be tied into her past when she made a Howard the Duck movie. So she’s not playing Beverly Switzler. She’s playing herself. Meta, yes, but fun. Very cool book. Worth checking out.

action comics 1

Oh no. Not this again. In the 90s, people saw some big auctions for old comics and started thinking it was a good investment. It led to super inflated print runs for a number of years until everyone realized there would be nothing rare about buying an issue that hundreds of thousands of other people had. The reason the auctions for original appearances of Superman and Batman are worth so much is simply because there’s very few copies of them in great condition. And so all those speculators left comics almost overnight and the industry hit a massive slump. It was disastrous.

Yahoo published this article this past week where they’re putting out the advice that investing in comics is a smart financial idea. Well, only if you’re investing in some of those old issues. And their advice is filled with mistakes. A better investment than stocks? No. Suicide Squad and Deadpool comics are good investments? Only on a small scale. Superman’s first appearance was in DC Comics #1? Nope! They also say Superman and Batman came out in the same year but Superman was 1938 and Batman was 1939. So it’s just sloppy, not great advice.


Holy shit. Look at 61-year old J.K. Simmons training for his role as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie. #GymGordon amirite?!

  • Skewed_View

    “What parent is okay with their kid aiming a gun at another kid or having a gun aimed at their kid?” I guess any parent that’s ok with their kid playing with toy guns. Since I played with toy guns all the time, seeing kids aim them at each other doesn’t bother me, but seeing kids recreating scenes from a violent and disturbing show, and more specifically having them recreate executions is creepy.

    JK Simmons was already very muscular, as we saw in ‘Whiplash.’ I didn’t hear anything from him saying he was trying to bulk up for the role of Gordon, only other people speculating that’s what he was doing. My guess is this is him just doing his normal thing and keeping in shape. Also his triceps haven’t ballooned up to Dwayne Johnson size, he’s using something called a bicep bomber that is making them protrude like that. He really doesn’t look much larger than he already was.

  • John.H.Eden

    Kids have been playing with toy guns since there were toy guns. I did, my kids do, we even have nerf fights where we even shoot at each other.

  • Big Jim

    Just recently we saw a speculator bubble with the crazy prices for New Mutants #98 (first appearance of Deadpool). People buying it for several hundreds, even upwards to $1000 (and that’s not even the signed ones). But it’s not a rare book. Nor is finding a copy in mint, or near-mint condition a rare thing. Prices on eBay have come down from what it was at the beginning of the year, although there are still some really inflated asking prices, but it does seem to be coming down to more realistic levels.