Friday Round Up: Tron in the House


Life Stuff


So I had the weirdest haircut of my life. The woman who was giving me the haircut tells me after I talk about having a sister, “I tried to kill my sister when I was a kid.” She goes on to tell me that she tried suffocating her with a pillow and her mom walked in when the sister was blue. My response… “Uh wow.” I was a little nervous of the person holding scissors in her hands.

Then afterwards she talks about how her marriage is terrible. Asks me how I met my lady, how long we have been together, and then goes on to ask if we’re “exclusive.” This then led to the most awkward sex of my life in the back of her minivan.

Just kidding about the sex, but everything else is legit.

Table Top Gaming Stuff

A friend of mine posted a link to a neat thing that is supposed to help you play fantasy RPGs like D&D over the internet. If you think about it, you should be able to play those things without a problem as long as you had a decent connection with Skype. Also if you trusted the players wouldn’t fake die rolls. This thing makes it more visual though. It may be worth checking out and writing about in the future.

Convention Stuff

Yep, this is Tron all right.

Yep, this is Tron all right.

I was way more excited than I thought I’d be when I heard that Bruce Boxleitner will be attending c2e2 this year. Mr. Boxleitner is probably most famous for his role of Tron, but he’s was also on Babylon 5 as well as the titular Scarecrow in the television series Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Here’s my Tweet when I found out that he was going to be attending the convention:

RobotsPJs: TRON IS GOING TO BE AT @C2E2!! *hyperventilates* *passes out* *farts* @boxleitnerbruce

I also am struggling with what I’d have Tron sign. The Blu-Ray is an option, but I want to hang it on my wall and it’s kind of small. Posters are pedestrian. Must think on this one.

Other Stuff

My Pal Chris Piers shared this video on Facebook and since I find it so captivating and I have no other good place to share it on the site, enjoy. It’s Russian car accidents. The general Russian populace installs dash cams in their own cars and you can probably see why. I hear it’s also to try to help protect them from police. Either way it’s captivating video. Makes me want to put one in my own car.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Jealous of you meeting Boxleitner.

  • Is Cindy Morgan going to be be there too? They often do cons together. They have photos of them together in Tron and Bring ‘Em Back Alive.
    I met Bruce last year at a local con, super cool dude. If he’s doing a panel, definitely check it out.