Friday Round Up: Thor, “The” Star Wars, Mathnet!


Comic Book Stuff

The Star Wars: Now this is an interesting idea, take the ideas that George Lucas originally had for Star Wars an turn them into a comic book called, “The Star Wars.” I’m really excited about this for some reason. I think it’s cool to see the original stuff in a completely new form. And even better, it’s from our friends at Dark Horse, so you hopefully will hear a lot more about this in the future!

Movie Stuff

Thor: I’m so far behind on summer movies that it’s just plain sad. I finally got around to watching the trailer for Thor 2 (aka Thor: Dark World) and it looks pretty good. I really can’t believe I live in a universe where not only was one Thor move a huge sucess, but then he was in an Avengers movie that was an even bigger hit, and now there’s a sequel that seems really high budget. It’s like I took crazy pills.


And the Marvel movies need to step it up a little with strong female characters. In the poster Portman is basically doing the leg grabbing damsel in distress thing. More Sif! Less lame!

Also, the above trailer has a “Pow” button where you can give it an old school comic book printing effect. Odd. I’ve never seen that before.

Toy Stuff

He-Mans! Mattel’s Masters of the Universe figures have certainly had an up and down cycle. Subscriptions for them are currently open and if they don’t get enough, the line is dead. Weird way to do a business, considering that it leaves casual fans that help support the line out in the cold. I mean, I don’t want to spend 500 for the whole subscription, but I could totally see spending at least a hundred bucks on a years worth of figures that I actually want.

Anyway, my Power Pal Poe Ghostal (alliteration!) wrote a truly excellent breakdown in the decline of the Masters of the Universe Classics line that you should check out.

Lego: Here’s some vintage Lego catalog scans. Enjoy!

Table Top Gaming Stuff


Ghostbusters: Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play an RPG! I finally said enough was enough and put together another session of the Ghostbusters RPG that I run. I’m currently running the campaign Apokermis Now and we’ve had two adventures. So far the team has figured out what the major event is that they must stop (a party to end the world), but they don’t know how to stop it. Also they seemed to have found a ghost dog that appeared in their firehouse that may or may not be their new pet. Better than a Slimer hanging around, I say!

If you care about a recap here’s a quick one: First we had a new player that I introduced as a temp and I made the other two team members interview him with questions “faxed in” from Louis Tully from the Ghostbusters movies. Then before they left for their new mission, they noticed a dog in the fire station. It was a ghost of a Delmation! So far they don’t know anything about the dog except that it’s friendly like a normal dog. I love the details I added: 1. It sticks its head out the car window even though the window is closed. 2. It’s a semi transparent with a blue tint and when it walks around it leaves little slime foot prints that disappear. The dog can eat, but unfortunately they can’t pet it. Their hands go through him. The team has nicknamed the dog “Sparkplug”.

With their new dog pal, Ghostbusters went to a local university to contact a professor who had sent them an empty package. They found some weird stuff. There was a Ben Franklin looking ghost that one of the busters blew away in one shot. That same Ghostbuster was later cursed by some Imps and his Proton Pack melted off his body. Whoops! Later, they found the professor had been taken by a creature made of guacamole. After some smart thinking and some research, (and getting bashed a few times) they figured out that they wouldn’t be able to destroy it with their proton packs (and after ordering “Sparkplug” to attack it, the creature kicked the ghost dog and he flew several hundred feet before falling through the Earth, that was the last they saw of him.) When the players finally decided to use their brains they found an incident in Tobin’s Spirit Guide of a Salsa monster in Mexico that gave them the key: They had to eat the monster. The Ghostbusters bought a bunch of beer for the students and tons of chips. They also brought a boom box with a Duran Duran tape, which soothed the savage beast while the college students ate the creature to death. The Professor was free and gave them the grim news that the world was in extreme danger of ending via an apocalyptic party!

Retro Stuff

Mathnet: I usually remember most retro stuff, but I completely forgot about Mathnet. I hated Math, but I liked Dragnet, so this show was entertaining to me when I was a kid.

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