Friday Round Up: The Stuff Edition

Vincent   May 31, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: The Stuff Edition
Powergirl, because it's been awhile.

Powergirl, because it’s been awhile.

Comic Book Stuff


Superman kicks a guy in the balls. Good for a laugh, though I don’t know why the actor who is playing Superman didn’t shave off his douche goatee for the part.

Toy Stuff


Hot Toys Robocop: Hot Toys has showed off their Robocop and ED-209. Wow, I love Robocop but 300 bucks for one is an easy pass. And I’ll just wait for the ED-209 from NECA.

Poe Compares Robocops: Poe Ghostal compared three different Robocops. He doesn’t have my spring loaded one, but it’s still a great post if you like Robocop.

Batman Poll: Mattel is thinking about making a kick ass Baterang and they want your input!

Movie Stuff


Transformers 4: Images of some of the new alt modes for the Transformers in the upcoming “film” Transformers 4 have been revealed. A lot of people don’t mind the new Optimus Prime. I don’t mind in theory, but there’s too many Crom damn flames on him. The worst offender for me is all the exhaust pipes. He really needs 8 total? I’ve never seen a semi truck in my life with more than two. I spent almost zero time and made him even cooler:


Also it’s worth noting that Optimus didn’t even bother making mirrors. That will get him pulled over for sure!

Table Top Gaming Stuff

X-Wing: Miniatures: If you like X-Wing: Miniatures, I found this squad builder that lets you build teams really easily. Enjoy!

Misc Stuff

Captain Picard Gives a Hug: Captain Picard (aka Patrick Stewart) talks about his work helping to stop violence against women. He gives some info about his difficult past and he also hugs a fan who needed it. What a great dude. Hard to not get a bit teary eyed.


Prancercise: Looking for a way to lose weight? Why not Prancersice? The exercise based on horses! Official site here!