Friday Round Up: The Shit Hits the Fans

Wet Hot American Summer is a fantastic, hilarious movie. This past year, Netflix brought it back as a TV show with the entire original cast, supposedly taking place at the beginning of the same summer even though the cast is, like, 15 years older. Well, in the original movie the gang makes a plan to get together… in ten years. So Netflix is making that an 8-episode TV show! I can’t wait.

Read on for some cool news on Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy 2‘s cameo from a classic Avenger, the newest Marvel/Netflix collaboration, the massive cast list for Twin Peaks and… DC Comics’ terrible way to deal with sexual harassment.



DC Comics is having a tough time of it, aren’t they? The New 52 was met with resounding indifference, their movies are perceived as dull slogs and they continue to have internal strife at their offices. This past week DC announced a restructuring of their Vertigo line which caused editor Shelly Bond to be laid off. They already lost Vertigo editor Karen Berger back in 2013. These ladies made the Vertigo line what it was. You wouldn’t have books like Sandman or Fables without them. It’s a huge loss that DC would let Bond go.

And that wasn’t the end of it. While Bond was let go, one person to survive the restructuring was Eddie Berganza, who has at this point been openly named as a serial sexual harasser. So DC will let Bond go but hold on to Berganza. It’s not a pleasant read.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will again have a cameo by Nathan Fillion, who director Sean Gunn first worked with on his directorial debut, Slither, and later included in the first Guardians as the alien in the prison that tries to intimidate Star-Lord. This one is a bit more subtle. Above are photos of a movie theater background in the movie sequel. We can see a movie poster for a Steve Jobs-esque biopic about Tony Stark and a horror movie starring Simon Williams. And who is playing Simon Williams? Nathan Fillion. Simon Williams is actually Wonder Man, a long-time Avenger in the comics who is also a movie star when he’s not being a superhero. The movie poster is pretty hilarious. Haxan 2: You’ll witch you never met him.

I enjoyed Stephen King’s book, Cell. It’s pulpy and ridiculous. A pulse goes across all cellular networks and anyone that heard it is reduced to a raving, angry zombie-like killer. Well, it’s now a movie starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. I’ll probably give it a try.

Sony released the above featurette on Kevin, the secretary for the new Ghostbusters team. I laughed out loud. It makes me more excited for the movie.


jon bernthal as the punisher

Today, Marvel and Netflix announced they will make a new show, spinning off from Daredevil season 2. Yup, they’re going to make a Punisher show starring Jon Bernthal. He was really great in Daredevil and he’s a popular character. Now that he’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you gotta use him. The only thing about the news that frustrates me is being sure that Punisher and Daredevil are unlikely to ever interact with Spider-Man. They do in the comics all the time, working in the same area on street-level crime. But even though it all supposedly is connected, the actual actors crossing over from TV to film just doesn’t seem to happen. Steve Lightfoot, who was a producer on the absolutely excellent Hannibal TV show will be the showrunner. Great choice.


Oh my god, the cast list for Twin Peaks was released and it’s just massive. I’m sure most are smaller roles but the most interesting thing, for fans anyway, are which characters are coming back. Thanks to this cast list, we know the following characters will return:

  • Agent Cooper
  • Both of Laura Palmer’s parents (even though her dad died!)
  • Laura Palmer (or some identical relative)
  • Shelley Johnson
  • Bobby Briggs
  • Audrey Horne
  • Norma Jennings
  • Ed Hurley
  • James Hurley
  • Denise Bryson (Duchovny as a trans FBI agent)
  • FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (director David Lynch)
  • Log Lady (actress Catherine Coulson must have filmed some scenes before dying last year)

And many more. Over 217 names. Some notable ones missing, like Lara Flynn Boyle. Maybe she’s been recast, like when they made Fire Walk with Me?


killing joke animated

I didn’t have a lot of time for this week’s Friday Round Up. I recommend checking in with our pal Will West for his weekly round up, West Week Ever. He talks about the R-rated animated version of Batman: Killing Joke, Power Rangers, X-Men, Beyonce and a lot more.