Friday Round Up: The I’m Back Edition?


Word up! Friday Round Up makes it’s triumphant return (again!). I’m walked away from my semester like those cool people in movies who walk away from explosions, so I’m back to provide some recapping on your week in geek. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had time to get back in the groove, so I’ll just throw some shit on the page and hope it sticks.

Movie Stuff


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Look. I get that many of you hated Man of Steel. I can see why you didn’t, but I liked it. The vitriol reserved for the sequel is just crazy. I don’t think there’s anything they could announce or show that will make anyone happy. The title Dawn of Justice is okay as far as movies go, but somehow people made hay with how terrible it is. Hell, even the costume which looks pretty good has become a meme now.

Star Wars Puppet: J.J. Abrams did a short video to raise awareness for charity and it gave us our first look at a set of Star Wars 7. Everyone lost their mind that there was a real puppet it in, but that thing looks dumb. I guess it fits into the world of Star Wars perfectly though.


HR Giger Died: The news that H.R. Giger (designer of the alien and artist of bone penises) died a few weeks ago. This is old news, but I wanted to mention the above comic and how terrible it is. It’s basically an insult to the man’s life’s work. It’s the complete antithesis of everything he created. I’m sure the artist meant well, but this is not the way you honor H.R. Giger.

TV Stuff


Twin Peaks: I love Twin Peaks. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan, but man I dig it so hard. When I found out that there was tons of footage cut from the movie featuring tons of characters that never showed up in Fire Walk With Me and that footage was never released… I was heartbroken to say the least. Well the announcement was made that the Twin Peaks blu-ray set is going to feature an hour and a half of that cut footage. Aside from them announcing that the show was returning, this is probably the best news a Twin Peaks fan is ever going to get.

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