Friday Round Up: The Fans Revolt

Chris Piers   August 5, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: The Fans Revolt

Above is an ad for Subaru that’s airing in Australia. Why should we care? Because the campaign is “do something out of the box” so it uses G.I. Joe. And it’s kinda funny. Thought you all might dig it.

Read on for some fan revolt against Pokemon Go and against Rotten Tomatoes. Also, some cool details by the makers of Stranger Things on how they got it made and some rare new Star Wars figures on eBay.


suicide squad cast photo

Sometimes comic book fans can be… embarrassing. Suicide Squad came out yesterday and the reviews aren’t great. I saw it and I think it’s entertaining but sloppy. So maybe a C+. Enjoyable if you like the comics, probably confusing for others. Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates reviewer’s scores, has it at 35% as of me writing this article. And earlier in the week, before most people could even see it, a petition was started to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because it was… unfair? I mean, this is the cumulative score of many reviews. And ironically, Warner Bros., who made Suicide Squad, owns a minority stake in the site. But there are still over 18,000 signatures to shut the site down. I just am dumbfounded by this. Reviews give undecided people an idea of whether or not they should spend their money on a movie. It’s too bad that DC hasn’t created a great movie yet but shutting down reviews is not the way to improve things. Speaking with your wallet and being patient is all you can really do.


pokemon go nearby

Pokemon Go is still tremendously popular but its user base took a big dive this week. Why? Well, not only is it still got a serious bug but the developers doubled down on it and pissed off its fanbase. Before it launched, the game advertised that it would point you in the direction of nearby Pokemon and tell you the distance. But when it launched, it instead just shows you a popup screen of nearby Pokemon with footprints below them: zero is close and 3 is further away. No direction but at least it helped a little. Then it went buggy a couple weeks ago and started always showing three footprints. Useless. But sites like Pokeradar and Pokevision could bring up a map in a browser and point out where Pokemon were. It helped fans that aren’t in busy cities find where to go. Well, Niantic had them shut down this week and updated the game so that there are no more footprints. So from now on, you’re just gaming blind. Now, that’s how I’ve played since day one and it doesn’t bother me. But I 100% understand how it pisses fans off. They’re not really using a radar to cheat, but just to play more instead of wandering around doing nothing. Niantic better hope it fixes this in an update soon or their game will just be a fad.


stranger things poster

One of the absolute best surprises this summer has been Netflix’ show Stranger Things. I can’t think of enough good things to say about it and I’ll probably write an article or two about it if I can think of an angle someone hasn’t approached yet – everyone’s already reviewed it. Anyway, the amazing thing to learn is that 15 to 20 TV networks passed on it before Netflix picked it up. Wow. This and other things are revealed in this great interview on Rolling Stone with the Duffer brothers, the twins that made the show.


star wars black jyn erso

The Star Wars Black 6″ line will be adding Rogue One main character Jyn Erso to the lineup when it hits shelves this December. But it was also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive so now it’s up on eBay for about $70 a pop. To me, that’s the depressing thing about all convention exclusives. They all seem to end up on eBay the following week at massively inflated prices. But something like this really strikes me as odd. I mean, in less than 5 months anybody can get it. So you’re sort of blowing 50 to 60 bucks markup to own it for a few months before everyone else. What’s the point?