Friday Round Up: The Comic Con Stuff No One Mentioned

A lot of the big news and trailers that were popular at Comic Con have been out for almost a week. So while that’s normally the stuff that we’d share, you’ve probably seen it. I’m gonna try to focus on the stuff that didn’t necessarily get shared everywhere. Starting with the amazing Rick and Morty animatic that they made for their panel. Basically, creator/voice of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland took an actual crazy transcript from a recent Georgia courtroom trial and read it in character. It’s HILARIOUS.


Nickelodeon did something cool for Comic Con. They basically gave animators a budget to create their own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shorts. Above is the one by Jhonen Vasquez. There’s also this weird one by co-creator Kevin Eastman and comics writer Paul Jenkins and finally, this fun thing by Brandon Auman, head writer and producer on the current Nick show, that features the Turtles going through time and space to become versions reminiscent of other interpretations.

You may have seen the brief Star Trek: Discovery trailer but CBS also had a 50th anniversary Star Trek panel moderated by Bryan Fuller. It featured William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan and Scott Bakula. So if you’re into Star Trek, they put the full panel up and it’s fairly fun.

supergirl superman cw

CW released a promo image for what Tyler Hoechlin will look like as Superman when Supergirl season 2 starts up this Fall. And it looks… okay? I honestly think someone manipulated the image with PhotoShop because there’s something about his proportions that seems off. Especially his head and neck. I can’t put my finger on it. The suit is fine. I wish they’d kept the red trunks but I guess those have been gone for years, never to return. The belt is odd, though, right?

Mr. Robot

There’s always awkward questions at comic book conventions. Either someone gets nervous and stumbles or someone makes a joke that just doesn’t go over. Well, it happened at the Mr. Robot panel this year. According to Vulture, some girl asked star Rami Malek if he could teach her how to dance like an Egyptian (Rami is American but his family is culturally from Egypt). He didn’t get it and there was just awkward silence. Oof. Well, it happens. Just be sure that if you get up to ask a question in front of a lot of people, it’s something that makes sense and can provoke an interesting discussion. It isn’t your moment to shine.



Uh oh. Cue the Mens Rights Activists. Disney is planning a sequel to The Rocketeer. While that movie was actually a bit of a flop at the box office, it was well reviewed and people really like it now, over 20 years later. The sequel, though, will not feature hero Cliff Secord as the titular Rocketeer. It’ll be set 6 years after the first one. Following the end of WW2, a black female pilot will find the missing Cliff’s rocket pack and work to keep it from the Soviets during the Cold War. Could be fun depending on the cast and crew.


Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty!

Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty!

Companies are starting to realize everyone loves Rick and Morty. Funko Pop is the only real place to make Rick and Morty merch so far. I mean, there are some t-shirts and plush Mr. Meeseeks but there’s not much. Following Comic Con, Cartoon Network announced Funko Pop will release a lot more across all their lines, there will be a Rick and Morty Monopoly game and a Mr. Meeseeks dice game and a card game. And PhatMojo will have Halloween costumes this year. Although I think homemade Rick and Morty costumes in the cosplay I’ve seen is gonna trump whatever novelty mask they invent. C’mon, give us action figures already!

ghostbusters erin figure

Mattel reports that sales figures for their Ghostbusters stuff is exceeding expectations with the action figures, minifigs and proton pack toys all selling well across the board to both girls and boys. So… there’s probably going to be a sequel.

hasbro brand architecture 2016

Hasbro bought a 16-year old Irish animation studio, Boulder Media. Why? Probably so that it can produce cartoons and maybe even movies based on its brands from Transformers to My Little Pony. Cut out the middle man.


The Tested team fabricates all sorts of nerdy stuff. For Comic Con they decided to make a Lego Minifig costume but make it seem realistic. The result is kind of horrifying and it clearly disturbs the con goers who see it.

  • Chris

    The lack of the G.I. Joe logo in that Hasbro brand image is disturbing to me as a lifelong Joe fan. I realize G.I. Joe as a brand is in a state of flux right now but it makes me worry for the future when its not even mentioned in a presentation about the new animation company they just bought.

  • Big Jim

    The belt on Superman is very weird. It’s necessary to give the outfit a waist, to break up the torso from the legs. Basically what the shorts did. But a belt with no functional purpose is like Donald Duck wearing a shirt but no pants. It just makes the outfit look incomplete.

    Doesn’t have to be shorts, but they could have added some colour. Maybe red stripes on the sides, coming down from the ribs, thickening to fully cover the waist, hips, thighs all red, then taper off again down towards the knees

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