Friday Round Up: Superman, the R-Rated Superstar

Chris Piers   February 26, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Superman, the R-Rated Superstar

Daredevil‘s second and final trailer has debuted, featuring a lot of Elektra. Looks like The Hand could be a big threat this season, with Elektra and Punisher muddying the waters. Looks cool.

Read on for the news of the week. An R-rated Superman movie, Pacific Rim 2 is happening, Iron Fist and Archie Andrews have been cast, and a lot more.


batman v superman

An R-rated Superman movie is nothing anyone is asking for. In fact, it betrays a deep misunderstanding of the character on the part of his owners. Nevertheless, WB claims they will release an R-rated cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it comes to Blu Ray and DVD. I can just see Superman decapitating people now while Batman tells him he’s a cum-guzzling Kyrptonian asshole.


Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were interviewed by Cinemablend and they talked about how much pressure the studios can put on writers. One example? The studio insisted they “raise the stakes” in G.I. Joe: Retaliation by having London get blown up. The writers strenuously objected for a good reason but lost. Interesting read!

Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger

Pacific Rim 2 will be made after all but it won’t be written and directed by creator Guillermo del Toro. Instead, Steven DeKnight (Spartacus, Daredevil) will direct off a script by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Dr. Strange) with del Toro producing. Still, del Toro tweeted that he’s psyched and personally, I love the stuff DeKnight has done so I’m totally excited for it. More kaiju vs. jaegar battles? Yes, please!

star trek future

For some reason, the Star Trek fan film makers are fighting CBS/Paramount’s cease and desist. Folks, you don’t own Star Trek. Just… give up.


finn jones

Iron Fist has been cast in his upcoming Netflix show. He’ll be played by Finn Jones, a British guy that plays Ser Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones. I suppose he looks enough like Danny Rand. The question is how much of an athlete and martial artist is he? I heard some vocal people are disappointed that Ray Park wasn’t cast. I’m like… really? Cuz that dude is kinda old, not much of an actor, and hardly the epitome of martial arts.


18-year-old New Zealand-born actor KJ Apa has been cast as Archie Andrews in Riverdale, the CW pilot based on the Archie comics. Oh, and former Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry will play his dad.

Star Trek cosplay

It took me awhile to realize she was wearing a Star Trek uniform.

Actor Tony Todd told a podcast that he’s on a short list of actors being considered for the upcoming new Star Trek TV show. But is he talking about being part of the regular cast? It sort of sounds like it. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.


Cyanide and Happiness is a pretty funny webcomic. And now they’re making a card game out of it. It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity in that you’re “filling in the blank” but I really like how now you do it by making a comic strip with a punchline. It’s wildly surpassed its modest Kickstarter goal so if you head there, you can simply buy in early.

force awakens 05 rey tinkers

Here’s some rumors about what could be on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu Ray. Supposedly some featurettes on building stuff and a small handful of deleted scenes. All I’d be interested in is commentary but no word on that.