Friday Round Up: Superheroes, Old Video Games, and More!

Hey, kids! Here’s another Friday Round Up! Is it your birthday?! Probably not, but if it is happy birthday. Enjoy this round up of geeky stuff. I know I will!

Movie Stuff


Guardians of the Could Have Been: James Gunn talked briefly about the characters he couldn’t include in Guardians of the Galaxy. Nice to know that he too likes ROM. Doesn’t Hasbro own ROM? Why can’t they work out a deal with Marvel?


ant man gives thumbs up

Ant-Man: So far Ant-Man has had a teaser trailer and a poster released in super small size because… get it?! ANTS! Shesh. We get it. He can be ant sized. Anyway, the real full size trailer was covered extensively on our site, so read it.



3D Star Wars: In a surprise announcement (to me at least) the 3D version of Revenge of the Sith is going to be shown at Star Wars Celebration. Whaaaat?! This is kind of crazy, after the 3D conversion of Phantom Menace didn’t really do as well as expected (though who wants to subject themselves to seeing the Phantom Menace in a theater again?) and Disney bought Star Wars hopes of seeing the conversions of the Star Wars flicks died.

Not only are they showing Revenge of the Sith and Phantom Menace, they’ll also have Attack of the Clones in 3D. Hopefully Disney will release these 3D conversions in order to try to recoup some of the cost that went into the things. It’s important to note Disney has been not releasing 3D Blu-rays lately on some of their biggest releases, but they do still do Marvel flicks in Blu-Ray 3D… so there’s a slim chance it could possibly happen.


Toy Stuff


Ghostbuster’s Firehouse: If you have some talent and time you can get a model firehouse that looks exactly like the one in Ghostbusters. All it needs is a sign in the front!


Video Game Stuff


Fallout 3: Last week I reported that I had finished Fallout 3 and had gone through Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta. I’m not playing through The Pitt expansion and I like it. It’s more of the same thing… so basically it’s satisfying. I realized I also have Fallout: New Vegas which I somehow acquired years ago and yet I never opened it. I’ll be hitting that up once these expansions are done.



Heavy Rain Again: Another old game I started playing is Heavy Rain. I played through this one before, but I figured the girlfriend unit might want to watch it being played out, since it’s essentially a good movie. So far she’s into it and I really like returning to this world. I have the Director’s Cut version that has the one expansion, so I’ll hit that up after I beat this thing. It’s a shame that it wasn’t a hit… I love this type of game and the story telling.


TV Stuff


Mr. Show Returns: David Cross confirmed the existence of a Mr. Show return via a Kickstarter for his new film. Unless he’s joking, but how could one joke about such a thing?! I love Mr. Show. It was a weird and groundbreaking comedy and I’m glad I got to see it when it first aired. Anyone else a fan?



The Original Enterprise: The Enterprise model from the original Star Trek series was sent to the Smithsonian and now that it’s 50 years old it’s going to need some restoration. Here’s an update on the progress they’ve made.



Arrow: I’m now onto Arrow Season 2. I still like the show, but holy crap Laurel is super annoying. I’m hoping she gets killed. And someone with the last name Blood? Probably evil. There are some things that I nitpick about the series, but overall it works. It’s amazing how well a superhero show can work on a relatively small TV budget. Remember how many shows geeks had to get through to get to this point? Like M.A.N.T.I.S.?



Daredevil in April: The Daredevil Netflix series is slated to air in April and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not a Daredevil fan exactly, but I enjoy his work. More so than Ant-Man, for example. I’m hoping these Netflix Marvel shows are really successful and they expand to other heroes. It’s probably the only place I could ever hope to see a live action Moon Knight anything. Sighhhhh

  • Chris Piers

    Moon Knight could be a good tv show. Good call.

  • Skewed_View

    Moon Knight would be really cool. One Marvel character I really liked as a kid, but don’t hear much about anymore (I also don’t keep up with comics so maybe he’s still around) is Sleepwalker. I would love to get a show about him.
    I need to go look at your Fallout 3 report, because I bought that game several months ago, started playing it but found the controls confusing, and I’m still stuck underground shooting giant cockroaches.

  • Dex

    Early on, my wife and I agreed Laurel was the Smallville Lana Lang of Arrow. She’s gotten a little better and I don’t think they plan on getting rid of her anytime soon.

  • Chris Piers

    She-Hulk could also be a great TV show.