Friday Round Up: Stuff and Plug!

Vincent   August 2, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Stuff and Plug!


Collectible Stuff

Crazy House: This is one crazy story. A family bought a furnished home from a bank and inside was thousands of dollars worth of collectibles

Toy Stuff

Star Wars: My buddy Shawn posted pics of the Star Wars black series as well as the vintage style line that was shown at SDCC. I might get a 6 in. Stormtrooper. And that Slave Leia is pretty boss. As far as that vintage line goes, I need me some Ewoks. Also that new Slave 1 is cool… but I’ve already got so much!

Movie Stuff

Creepy Superhero: Chris send a tip off on this short film about a superhero that shows up and doesn’t say anything to anyone. It’s creepy as hell. You have to watch it. I think it could be further developed into a great superhero/horror hybrid. Check out The Flying Man here.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation As someone who enjoyed G.I. Joe: Retaliation I had hoped that they’d have an extended version available when it came out on Blu Ray and DVD. Well, Best Buy has an exclusive on that. I haven’t gotten it yet, but here’s a break down of all the changes. Many of them are very minor and basically add more violence to the film, but there are also a few character beats that are supposed to make the movie better.

The only thing I find annoying is that if I want to get the 3D version, I’ll have to buy a separate set so I can have both extended and 3D. Blah.

Judge Dredd: Don’t forget to sign the petition so they can help convince studios to make a sequel to Dredd!

Site Stuff

Updates: Lately I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with posts. That’s because I moved and at night I’m either unpacking, listing stuff on my toy store, or working on side projects. This means this site suffers a bit. Sorry folks. Hopefully the guest posts (including the great contributions from Chris) will help you make it through this tough time until I’m freed up a bit more. Plus, I’ll try to do the Friday Update at least so you get one great dose of me per week.

Buy Toys: As I just said, I’m working really hard at adding stuff to my store, Dinosaur Toy Vault. I need to get rid of stuff because I need cash! And I just want less items in my life.

If you see something you like, buy it. Things aren’t going to stick around that long. I want a quick turn around so if it don’t sell its off to horrid, terrible eBay. No one wants that.