Friday Round Up: Star Wars, Tacos, Alf


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Use the Force?

Use the Force?

Star Wars: George Lucas said the original Star Wars trio of Luke, Leia, and Han are going to be back for the next movie, so did Carrie Fisher. My tweets related to this:

RobotsPJs: Nothing better than seeing your beloved icons on the big screen, fat and old as shit. Makes me really appreciate my own oncoming death.

RobotsPJs: The parts for the original Star Wars cast is just going to be them saying in unison, “The specter of death is unavoidable!”

Seriously, the people that are excited by this have to be delusional. It was bad enough seeing Harrison Ford as an old and rickety Indiana Jones and that was in 2007. Yes, it might work, but there’s a big chance that it will just end up being sad as hell. The only hope I get from this is that it worked for the Star Trek movies with the original cast, still we kind of got to see them transition from the late 70s, to early 80s until their oldest and fattest selves in The Undiscovered Country.

Table Top Gaming Stuff


The new X-Wing minis (Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, TIE Interceptor, A-Wing) are out! Oh man, I’ve had no time to play this game and neither has my regular game partner (my girlfriend).

I managed to pick up the Millennium Falcon from a local game shop (Board Game Barrister) and I’m thinking I’ll get Slave 1 this weekend from another store if they have it (Lost World of Wonders). I like to spread the local business around. I will probably keep my eye out for sales, because the 15 buck price tag per the small starships is hard to swallow.

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I ate the Cool Ranch Dorito taco from Taco Bell and it was amazing. However, I can’t decide if I like Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch better. Ugh life is so hard sometimes!

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Another Blog: I already have a blog that I rarely update (Alf Blog) and I have a hard enough time keeping up with this one, but I’ve been hankering to start up another blog. This time it would be a car related blog mostly dedicated to posting pictures of terrible cars that I see and making fun of them. I’d probably also talk about my own car on it, because I could. The only thing stopping me is the lack of time and a good name. Every url I like is taken. I wish I would have thought of doing this 15 years ago.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Fat, old Han, Luke, & Leia? yeah.. not gonna be nice.. but I will say this, fat, old Star Trek crew DID make The Undiscovered Country my favorite Star Trek movie.

  • Totally. And like I said, we got a bit of a transition for that crew. It wasn’t like they were young and then bam disturbingly out of shape and old.