Friday Round Up: Star Wars, Robotech, Alien, and Bravestarr!


Movie Stuff

Patton Oswalt: Patton Oswalt went on an unscripted rant about what the next Star Wars film should be on Parks and Rec and the internet lost it’s shit. It was amusing to some extent, but I feel like there was huge over reaction on this one. It’s like I’m the only one who doesn’t get the joke. The above poster is far more amusing than the actual speech though.

The YouTube video of his video has over a million views. I guess Patton had a good week. The West Week Ever? That’s yet to be determined.

A Star Wars Movie Every Year: Everyone reported that Disney plans to pump out one new Star Wars movie every year for six years. Holy crap, that’s a cool idea, but it makes me a tad nervous. I’ve always felt that a franchise needs a bit of breathing room so the public doesn’t get sick of it. Combine this with the fact that too many bad movies could spoil the whole thing.

But you say: “There’s tons of shitty EU, if Star Wars can survive that…” You know who consumes the EU? Die hard star wars fans. There’s far, far less people buying expanded universe novels than there are people paying to see films.

Look, I’m not bitching about there being more Star Wars movies. I’m nervous that Star Wars will sour quickly. The prequels did a pretty good job of messing with the public’s love of Star Wars. A miscalculation now could really fuck things up for a long time to come.

Video Game Stuff

Rare Video Game: So this ultra rare NES video game was supposedly found at a Goodwill. How rare? It’s worth about $15,000. Ugh. I hate stories like this, because I’m always jealous of these people. It’s why I don’t watch Toy Hunter. I’m petty.

Tabletop Gaming Stuff


Robotech Tactics: Robotech Tactics has a Kickstarter that met it’s goal in three hours. Holy shit, this game could be awesome. As a fan of the Star Wars: X-Wing minis game, a tactical space combat game using miniatures set in the Robotech gives me a super nerd boner. I’d thought about how cool it would be to convert X-Wing Miniatures into a Robotech game and here I won’t have to do that!

The only catch is that the 80 dollar entry fee is kind of steep for me right now, but has a very good value vs. the X-Wing minis game. The bonus of doing the Kickstarter now is getting bonuses you won’t get once the game is released. This is… a tough decision.

Cartoon Stuff


“Holmes, I seriously doubt that the murder will solved if only I were to smell your finger.”

Bravestarr: My pal Katie is big into Sherlock Holmes. I mean BIG. She recently wrote about the time Bravestarr crossed over with Sherlock Holmes on her blog. You should go check it out. And be nice to her, she’s my D&D DM.

Toy Stuff


Alien Figures: I believe it was at Comic Con of last year that Super 7 was going to release the Kenner Alien figures that never saw a release in the first place. This excited me, yet I had heard nothing since that time. Well ToyArk finally posted some info. This year at Comic Con pre-orders start. At 20 bucks a figure, they’re a tad pricey, but it’s not a huge selection and it would be awesome to own a toy that got cancelled in the 70s. Viva La Alien figures!

Fan Choice Transformers Figure: Hasbro put a neat little thing together where you can vote on the making of a new Transformers figure. While it’s mostly a standard mix and match, it’s kind of fun to do. I voted helicopter with nunchucks.

Plug Stuff

Podcast: I make an appearance on the Action Figure Blues podcast during the G.I. Joe Convention. Since it seems I don’t have a podcast anymore (ah hem), and you want to hear my lovely voice, be sure to check it out.

  • Oh god, that rare video game! I am jealous! I found the Bandai Family Fun Fitness pad in a thrift store about 10 years ago, but passed on it. I doubt it would have brought in a fraction of what the game does (at least I hope it doesn’t… I’m too afraid to look it up!)

  • clark

    I’ve got movie stuff to add, and I know you’ll be right there with me. Disney, stop ruining your own movies with commercials that show too much! They did it with Iron Man 2 (although it was Paramount that time), with The Avengers, and now Iron Man 3.
    I’ve tried my best to be on an Iron Man 3 black out, but I leave the tv on while I work and sometimes a trailer will come on without me realizing it. This has happened a couple of times now, once where I see it’s a movie commercial and I think, huh this looks good; then Tony Stark shows up and I immediate curse myself for watching it.
    The second time I just happened to look up at the screen not even realizing a movie commercial was on. In the 2 seconds that my eyes were on the screen I saw something that the film makers probably meant to be a pretty cool surprise; but no, it has to be ruined before hand.
    Of course, if they don’t show these spoilers in their own trailers nobody would want to go see Iron Man 3, right? The first two movies barely made a profit and weren’t very popular, so I guess it makes sense to give away…wait, no it doesn’t. Trailer editors, stop…please.