Friday Round Up: Star Trek, Comics, and More!


Comics Stuff

Spawnish: Angela, the angel from Spawn comics is coming to Marvel. Angela is most famous for having no panties as a toy, being in Spawn, and uh… well being the subject of a lawsuit between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane. Now that Gaimen has control of her he can do what he wants and apparently that means putting her in Marvel comics. Why? Probably because he can? I can’t think of any other logical reason for the move.

He-Man: He-Man is going to have a comic again. I think it’s cool that it’s with DC, the company that first did a Masters of the Universe comic.

Movie Stuff


“Set panties to wet.”

Star Trek: Star Trek into Darkness (which should be Star Trekking into Darkness) is coming out and… man I really hate that the last few Star Trek movies have been about a bad guy seeking revenge. I know that everyone is all rah rah for the new Star Trek movies, but I miss the exploration.

Also it looks like the Enterprise gets fucked up and crashes again, which it’s hard to have any kind of impact because it’s already happened in two Star Trek films and the audience really doesn’t have any kind of special connection to that particular ship. Hopefully this gives them an excuse to redo that horrible engineering set… Oh, yeah spoiler. I’ll still see it and I’ll hopefully like it. Chris Pines is a good Kirk and Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he will make a cool villian (though I’m not sure why the ladies think he’s so dreamy).

Transformers 4: It has a plot, so that’s something I guess.

G.I. Joe Retaliation: Okay folks, I’m a fan of G.I. Joe and I’m way more excited by this film than I should be. My internet chum Rick Marshall reviewed it and he gives it his blessing (more or less). I’ve agreed with Rick more often than not, so I’m hoping that I’ll like it. Oh yeah and that Larry Hama guy thought it was decent too.

Burt Wonderstone: I took a day off of work so me and the lady could enjoy one day of my Spring Break. We went to see a movie in the afternoon to enjoy a nearly empty theater that is usually exclusive to the unemployed and the elderly. We saw Burt Wonderstone as the subheading implies. I really liked it at the start and it started losing me towards the end. I still found it funny enough to be enjoyable. I do think that the movie got a bump in enjoyment level because I had a weekday off with my lady, but what more can you ask for?

Toy Stuff

Power Rangers: I don’t even remotely like anything Power Rangers (except the fact they have giant robots and it could be a lot better than it is), yet I was intrigued by this post detailing William B. West’s different Power Ranger thrift finds. Check it out!

Convention Stuff

Oh boy, the two conventions I plan on attending are drawing close. While I haven’t made many plans for G.I. Joe and it’s only in a couple of weeks, things are really coming together for c2e2. I’m totally pumped that I’ll be sharing a room with friends at the hotel where the convention takes place. Two of them are artists with one having a regular comic title that’s on the shelves now, so I’ll get to see the convention from that side of things. Also Matty is going to be a roommate and that’s always fun times.


In a related note, I “won” a rad 2013 c2e2 poster for having a funny tweet (their Twitter is here). I was thinking of doing something unusual with it. I was thinking of having everyone I meet that follows me on Twitter and my real life friends sign it. It might be a fun bit of memorabilia from the trip. The only catch is that I can imagine it getting pretty crumpled up from pulling it out for people to constantly sign… regardless, if you are reading this and going to c2e2 be sure to meet up with me so I can have you sign the poster!

Site Stuff

Hey, don’t forget. If you enjoy the Friday Round Ups let me know. Sometimes I feel like I’m farting in the wind here. I want to know if people are enjoying my farts. Well… you know what I mean.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    I find it funny that the new Star Trek universe has MORE women showing off their underwear than the previous. (original movies.. I know Enterprise had the required T’Pal rubdown scene in every other episode, but nothing in the movies.. wait.. thank GOD for that.)

  • I dunno, it’s kind of hard to match the original series for the amount of nearly naked women that show had in the 1960s.

  • Aria

    The thing with Benedict Cumberbatch is his voice!

  • I love The Round Up, and thanks for the link!

    I’ll even admit that Power Rangers was campy as hell, but that’s probably what I liked about it. I implore you, however, to check out Power Rangers RPM. It’s on Netflix, and it was originally conceived as the final season of the franchise. Disney was tired of producing it, and they knew there was enough inventory to live off of for years. So, RPM has a lower episode count (about 39 or so, because it was weekly), and it’s dark as FUCK. They didn’t care anymore, so they just let the writers do whatever. The series starts out with a sentient computer virus that annihilates 99% of the Earth’ population. The only survivors live in a domed city in the middle of the desert, and the Rangers are tasked with defending the last gasp of humanity. It’s aged up to appeal more to late teens than little kids, and it’s the Power Rangers we all felt the show could be if it had more mature themes. RPM isn’t just one of my favorite PR seasons – it’s one of my favorite shows, period.

  • …Okay you’ve sold me. I’ll check out Power Rangers RPM.

  • Jon

    As far as I’m concerned Jadzia Dax from DS9 is the greatest of all Trek women, you can keep your T’Pol and Seven of Nine.

  • clark

    I was 12 when Power Rangers premiered, and I was pretty excited to see what appeared in the promotions to be a live action voltron. After the first episode I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen, and Monday in school it was a big topic how terrible it was.

    Then, when I was 14 and it came on every day after school a couple of my friends and I sort of found an appreciation in its cheesiness, and saw a couple of seasons. That then led me to the Japanese Spider-man, which is fantastic and hilarious.

    I haven’t watched any other Power Rangers, but now I’m real curious about RPM; going to have to check it out.

  • I think you gave angela more credit for being know, I actually never remembered her until she was a figure. LOL

  • Clark, that’s EXACTLY how I felt. I was super excited for a “live action Voltron”. But of course I would be getting my license shortly, so my appreciation for certain things began to change.