Friday Round Up: Some Days You Accidentally Give Away $200,000

A few years ago, a YouTube user named Gazorra made a bunch of short and hilarious re-edits of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Well to the delight of many, including myself, he’s back. He released the above video this past week and he’s started a Patreon account, pledging to make these regularly. Speaking of Patreon, what do you think of the platform? I think it’s a pretty fair and easy way to support content creators you enjoy. I give 2 bucks a month to Red Letter Media and I don’t regret it. On the other hand, this stuff is usually free so there’s no obligation. Do you think it’s a sucker’s bet to support a Patreon? Oh, in related Next Generation news, Michael Dorn kept saying that there’s interest in a Worf TV show. I loved Worf on Deep Space 9 but I think that ship has sailed, Dornster.

This week, we have troubling movie remake news, canceled fan favorites, people accidentally donating old electronics worth tons of money, and MTV’s bullshit excuses for going cheap on their Scream TV show. Lots more can’t-miss news of the week as well.


big trouble in little china with the rock

Well, 20th Century Fox is going to remake Big Trouble in Little China. That’s too bad because I think the original holds up fantastic. It was when the team of director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell were at the height of their powers. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a trucker who gets pulled into a supernatural battle. It’s weird and funny and exciting. I’m not against the Rock being in such a role, really. He tends to improve whatever he’s in, even when he does subpar action stuff like San Andreas. But his name will probably get the remake to happen and this is one I can’t see how they can improve. It’s not like the special effects were lacking or the story is out of date. Am I being too sensitive? I admit that sometimes remakes can be really good, even when they’re remakes of good originals. Cape Fear, The Fly, Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead… hmmm. Maybe only horror stuff warrants remakes.

tron quorra

Disney had been set to make a Tron3 but this week they announced that the project is officially canceled. Why the sudden reverse? Well, the original film actually was not a hit and the sequel was already unlikely and only did pretty good, not spectacular. They did a great animated series, Tron: Uprising, but it also didn’t really catch fire. Disney’s recent Tomorrowland, which is a sci-fi movie based on older Disney property, kinda bombed. So they decided it just wasn’t worth the risk.

With the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, a lot of media attention has been placed on his almost-happened/canceled-at-the-last-minute movie Justice League: Mortal. Artist Steve Skroce is a comic book and storyboard artist (probably best known for his Matrix trilogy work) and he released six boards he’d created for the movie which would have featured Superman and Wonder Woman battling due to mind control by villain Max Lord. Hopefully the upcoming documentary about this aborted movie will contain more of his pages.

Polybius on Goldbergs

There’s a Kickstarter that’s open for a few more days to fund a documentary on Polybius. “What’s Polybius?” you may ask. I’m glad you did. Polybius is an urban legend about a video game from 1981 that was supposedly only released to a few arcades in the Portland, Oregon suburbs. Supposedly it was very addictive and lines formed around the block to play it, with people fighting to be next. It was said to cause seizures and depression and one person even died by suicide after playing it. Men in black suits would show up and random times to pull data from the game cabinet. It’s a cool urban legend. Even if you don’t want to support the Kickstarter, do yourself a favor and google some stories about Polybius.


scream mask for mtv

The MTV TV show version of Scream continues to sound like it’ll be a hot steaming pile of shit. It has none of the actors or characters from the movies. It doesn’t have the involvement of the writers or even director Wes Craven. He allowed them to put his name on it as a producer but told the Hollywood Reporter he was too busy to do anything on it. I think Wes just knew to take the money but keep his distance. Is the story at least set in the same universe where the movies happened? Nope. Okay, well did they at least hire Roger Jackson to do his voice for Ghostface? Ha ha, they sure didn’t. And the final insult? They changed the mask. And the producers are telling media outlets they did it to update things and be modern. But that’s a lie. The fact is the mask existed before the movie and the movies all paid a licensing fee to use it. MTV just cheaped out.

jack bauer

Speaking of revisiting stuff but with new faces, apparently Fox wants to bring back the show 24 but without Jack Bauer. I suppose it could work, although I always figured 24 WAS Jack Bauer. Anyway, it’s being put together by the same writers and producers but with a new young dude as a terrorist hunter and a female sidekick. I’m not positive the formula will necessarily hold without Jack Bauer’s complicated, tragic backstory though. The 12-episode event series they brought back last year with Jack in London did very well but ended with Jack in Russian prison. The Blu-Ray included a 7-minute short in which Jack’s former colleague Tony Almeida was set to break out of his prison. So they must have had plans for the original characters.


New site Heroic Hollywood is by Umberto Gonzalez who broke tons of movie and TV scoops for Latino Review. According to him, Marvel is seriously considering some more TV series post-Defenders on Netflix in 2017. Leading candidates include Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade. They’re also looking at some more family-friendly stuff for network TV (probably ABC since it’s also owned by Disney) including Cloak & Dagger, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and a Hulk prequel series. That last one sounds like a bad idea. The rest are good ideas for TV. Supposedly Marvel also wants to tie its Netflix stuff into its movies more. Some ideas they’re looking into include a Black Widow or Hawkeye movie or TV series as well as a cameo by Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange for Defenders.


all new marvel post-Secret Wars

Speaking of Marvel, they released the above promo image to Mashable yesterday, showing characters we can expect to play a big role in their comics come September, post-Secret Wars. I guess we shouldn’t be shocked to see that there’s no X-Men or Fantastic Four there, although in an interview editor-in-chief Axel Alonso did say that Wolverine will return (from the dead?) in a new identity. I don’t know whether that means Logan will have a new name or someone else will call themselves Wolverine. Anyway, the characters of prominence featured above are (from left to right): Spider-Woman (Spider-Gwen), Agent Coulson, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) in a new costume and not swinging overhead like the other Spider characters), Black Panther, Spider-Man (rumors that it might not be Peter Parker under the mask), Captain America (still the Falcon version), Steve Rogers (still aged but wearing his Super Soldier suit, possibly working for SHIELD), Iron Man (rumors are it could be someone other than Tony Stark in the armor, like Pepper Potts or Bruce “Hulk” Banner), Ant-Man (in a costume like the movie version), Thor (Jane Foster version still around), Vision (looking more like the movie version), Ms. Marvel, Red Wolf (a Cheyenne superhero identity shared by different men across the ages), and Spider-Man (Miles Morales). That’s a lotta Spideys! But wait, there’s more! Yesterday, they posted another promo image:

all new marvel 2

Again, from left to right we have: Doctor Spectrum (from Squadron Supreme reality), Citizen V (Baron Zemo once disguised himself as a hero with this identity so maybe that could be an element of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie?), The Thing (but wearing a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt, not Fantastic Four), Rocket Raccoon, Karnak from the Inhumans, Hyperion (also originally from the Squadron Supreme universe but more recently an Avenger), Inferno (a new member of the Inhumans), Iron Man, Medusa, Daredevil (in a new suit with more black and cowl that wraps over his nose like in his recent Netflix show), X2 as the new Wolverine, Star-Lord (looking like his movie version), Doctor Strange with a new axe, and Old Man Logan.

Sana Solo

The Internet lost its mind for a bit this week when the new Star Wars comic (which Disney says are part of their canon) introduced Han Solo’s wife! But folks, this is still comics. Just because she says she’s Han’s wife doesn’t mean it’s true. Let’s wait a month and see how this shakes out. That said, the Star Wars comic is a blast. Really fun stuff.

rogue cosplay

Friend of the site and occasional guest poster Will West attended D.C.’s Awesome Con last weekend and took photos of the cosplay. He focused on minorities and crossplay. Take a look at his gallery!


Lego announced that they’re making their own Minecraft-esque video game, Lego Worlds. It’s already available as a single-player beta on Steam, with plans to release to PC and console next year. Above is a video of someone exploring and testing it out thorougly. It’s procedurally generated just like Minecraft but it appears you can build in a more refined/finished manner so that your creations look like actual Lego sets. I’m curious.


Remember how last week’s Friday Round Up ended with the news that Hot Topic bought ThinkGeek? Well at the last moment, GameStop came in with a better offer. GameStop now owns ThinkGeek. That’s a better fit.

mr meeseeks

The San Diego Comic Con is just a month away so more toy makers are revealing their convention exclusives. Adult Swim and J!NX are teaming up to sell the above version of Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty. It’s a 10″ plush available at the UCC booth for $14.99 but it will be sold in Hastings retailers nationwide at some point in July. In October, they’ll add Rick, Morty, and two new versions of Mr. Meeseeks.

doctor strange marvel legends set

Marvel Legends will have the above figure set at the Con for $99. It comes in a case that looks like the Book of the Vishanti, Dr. Strange’s magical spell book. It comes with a clear blue Dr. Strange (in his Astral Form), Brother Voodoo, Hela (goddess of Hel from Thor), Strange’s enemy the Dread Dormammu, and Magik from X-Men. I was pretty surprised to see an X-Men figure included!

apple 1 computer

Finally, a mystery lady in her 60s left an old computer at a Silicon Valley, California recycling center. But it wasn’t just any computer. It was a 1976 Apple 1 computer, one of only 200, built by co-founder Steve Wozniak. Seemingly unaware of its value, she left it there without her contact information. The Recycling Center sold the valuable piece of history for $200,000. Their policy is to split any proceeds of sales 50/50 but they don’t know who the lady is. If she reads the news, she has a check for $100,000 waiting for her.

  • William Bruce West

    I’m really intrigued by Polybius. I was never an arcade kid, and never heard of it, but the story surrounding it is really interesting.

    As for Sana Solo, I’m more surprised there hasn’t been a ton of backlash about her race. I guess folks are having your “let’s wait and see” attitude – which is rare for the internet!

    Thanks for the link!