Friday Round Up: Sin City Boobs, Swearing, and More!


Movie Stuff

Sin City 2: The above poster for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was banned because… well just look at it. Eva Green is pretty much naked. As sexy as it is, I could see why theater owners might be a bit weary about putting this up for any old kid to see. I’m usually on the side of boobs over censorship, especially when our culture is so cool with violence yet down on boobs. If there’s movie posters of dudes with their shirts off ala Conan I have no problem with this poster. Now I have to find a much higher resolution version.

TV Stuff


Attack on Titan: Without getting too much into it, I really don’t like about 90% of anime, so I don’t watch it. I finally broke my anime boycott to check out Attack on Titan since everyone was talking about it. It took me a few episodes, but I really got into it. It’s got a great mix of drama and action. There’s great design, the show is full of mysteries, and you never know which characters are going to die next! I have the feeling that I’ll ultimately be disappointed as mysteries are solved, but for right now I’m all in. I’ve read that the second season might not appear until 2015. That’s super lame. Regardless, I’d recommend giving this show a shot.


Daredevil: This guy is going to be Daredevil in the new TV series. Okay.


Reading Rainbow: Reading Rainbow is making a return… sort of. Lavar Burton and company launched a Kickstarter to get Reading Rainbow into schools. The modest goal of a million bucks was met in a day or so. Hurrah for reading!

Toy Stuff


Don Levine Passed Away: Don Levine, the man who invented the original G.I. Joe died last week. It’s sad that he passed during the 50th Anniversary of G.I. Joe. Don, I salute you and your lasting contribution to pop culture.


G.I. Joe 50th Toys: About the only G.I. Joe toys we’re getting for the 50th Anniversary were due to be Toys R Us exclusive. Most of them have now appeared on Big Bad Toy Store for pre-order. I know I’ll be picking up most of them (and selling the ones I don’t want). In related news, Phillip J. Reed of Battlegrip wrote a piece about this that I find interesting, “Does Fear Drive Sales?”


Cobra Troopers: Ever wonder what the career path was for the Cobra soldier? Here’s your answer! (Art came from here)


Baby Skeletor: Mattel announced that they’re making a baby doll version of Skeletor and many He-Mans fans lost their GD minds.

Internet Stuff


Toy Customizer is Asshole: There’s this guy who is a well known toy customizer of Transformers that I’ve thought was a royal a-hole for awhile. He’s not just political, he’s an ass who harasses people. Well, this week he thought it would be fun to start attacking people who were using the #allwomen tag on twitter, some of them rape victims. He deleted all the tweets, but the internet caught most of them. He then said that they were Photoshopped to make him look bad. Without getting too into it, he’s a liar because the evidence is all there that he said some pretty terrible things. He’s just a coward that can’t own up to it.

I had a debate. Do I mention him on here? Which would show his shame to the world. Or is it feeding a troll? I think it’s more of the later. Also, I feel like I can’t stand up on a soapbox after mentioning a certain porn star had a bad boob job and then being involved with that controversy. Though in my case I directed you towards the other side of the story and didn’t deny what I said. Regardless, it’s a struggle. Do you show the world someone you think is a jerk or give them attention? Many of these assholes want the attention, but on the other hand there’s many that only do it because they think they can get away with it.

I’m fairly certain that A. either you know about this jackass and are okay with it or you’re not. B. If you follow him on Twitter you’ll quickly see that he’s a bag of shit. However, if you want to know who I’m talking about, just ask me on Twitter.

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    Yeah, I’m thinking of picking up a couple of the Joe releases, though some are already pre-sold out at Big Bad Toy Store.