Friday Round Up: San Diego Comic Con 2016 News Trickles In

Chris Piers   July 22, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: San Diego Comic Con 2016 News Trickles In

The San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and technically it started this week so we got a few early news bits! First up, check it out: the first trailer for Luke Cage, Marvel’s next Netflix show. Personally, I like it. Mike Colter did such a good job at playing Cage on Jessica Jones. He’s got his problems but he isn’t as miserable as Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones. They also released a teaser for Defenders but it’s just a logo, although it does have Stick in voiceover plus an actual hand so it might be a safe guess that The Hand present the main adversary for this teamup. And here’s a small teaser for Iron Fist which doesn’t show much although it looks like his origin is very close to the comics. Oh, and they also confirmed there will be a third season of Daredevil!


The much-anticipated Transformers: Combiner Wars show will debut on August 2nd on go90. And now there’s a trailer for it. I kinda dig it. The only cartoon for Transformers I ever saw was the original one, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I have been very tempted to pick up some of the Combiner Wars toys because I have a fondness for the original characters/vehicles and also the concept of merging into a bigger robot. Speaking of which…

netflix voltron

I ended up liking Netflix’ Voltron: Legendary Defender quite a bit although I was surprised when it ended because I hit the button to play the next episode and… it was over! What? Very abrupt. But here’s good news. Season two is coming and it will be out this year.

Here’s a trailer for Justice League Action which will debut on Cartoon Network. Sounds like they got a lot of the same voice actors from the old Batman/Justice League show. Visually, it looks a lot like Brave and the Bold. And it seems to have a lot of action. So, if you like your superheroes fighting supervillains, this looks like the right show for you.


power rangers movie helmets

We got the above shot of the movie Power Rangers in their helmets. I like it okay but that’s probably because I’m only passingly familiar with the early seasons of the show. If they want the costumes for the movie to look like polished bowling balls instead of spandex, I’m fine with that. The only strong opinion I have is that I think Lionsgate will end up spending $2 million in the weeks before the movie is released to CG the boob armor down to a more realistic DD since these are teenagers and all.


pokemon and guns

Director Oliver Stone was at Comic Con to promote Snowden. Which has nothing to do with comics. Maybe that’s how he ended up trying desperately to relate his movie to nerd culture when he went all angry grandpa and said that poke is not a fun game but rather: “surveillance capitalism.” He also said : “You’ll see a new form of frankly a robot society. It’s what they call totalitarianism.”


ms marvel kamala khan marvel legends figure

Hasbro announced that popular character Ms. Marvel (the new Kamala Khan one) is getting a 6-inch Marvel Legends figure. No release date yet, but she’ll probably be disappearing off the shelves slightly before being placed on the shelves. Because she’s popular.

ghostbusters blitzway

Blitzway is fairly new at the high-end 1/6 scale figure game, but at least they have their head sculpt team on point, ready to challenge Hot Toys. Take a look at their above versions of the original Ghostbusters. They all look gorgeous. Hot damn, I’ll be keeping an eye out for pre-orders on these. So far, they’re really only known for making some Fight Club figures and also a statue from Rocky II. I would guess those licenses were some mix of well-known but not TOO expensive. But Ghostbusters is a whole new level. I hope the overall quality is high.

hot toys daredevil

Speaking of Hot Toys, they teased the above image of Daredevil that they’re making based on the Netflix show. I’m pretty stoked, as a collector of MCU Hot Toys. I hope we get to see more in the coming days.