Friday Round Up: San Diego Comic Con 2014 Edition

Howdy Folks! We have another fine round of Friday Round Up to stuff in your big fat geek pie holes! This week there’s a little more toy coverage than usual thanks to the San Diego Comic Con or SDCC happening right this second (if you’re reading this while it’s still going on, which you might be). I compiled some of the most noteworthy stuff from the show that I could before I had to hit the old schedule button… so if I missed anything huge you know why.

Music Stuff


Weird Al Wins Again: Weird Al once again came out of hibernation and released an album… and even better it topped the charts. I’ve never been a Weird Al ultra fan, but I do love the guy and think he’s hilarious. I love his appearances on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang and I’m extremely happy that he’s yet again on top.

The other day someone on Twitter asked why he was trying to be relevant again, since he’s been in obscurity since the 80s. I immediatly unfollowed them. I don’t need that kind of Weird Al negativity in my life. Furthermore, Weird Al has been successful throughout the decades. It seems like he has at least one huge hit per decade. He’s like a magical ground hog of hilarity.

Movie Stuff


Ant Man Movie Art: This concept art for the Ant Man movie looks rad. Hopefully the movie will not suck.



Favorite Star Wars: There’s a statistical analysis of the favorite/least favorite Star Wars movies and characters. The most surprising things to me is that more people saw the Phantom Menace than A New Hope. Yikes. Another is that Anakin Skywalker is more favored than Darth Vader. I blame the youth of today.


J.J.’s X-Wing: J.J. Abrams made another charity video and did a more of a reveal of the X-Wing appearing in Star Wars 7. It looks a bit different, because it’s a newer version of the ship. It makes sense that they wouldn’t be flying the exact same ships 30 years later. I like it, but I’m more about the classic one.


Comic Book Stuff


Expensive Turtle Art: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for a long time and there’s a chance that they’ll be historically relevant for a long time to come. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me that Kevin Eastman is looking for 2 million for his first drawing of a ninja turtle.



Harlan Ellison’s Batman Episode: One of the biggest old cranks in the history of the world is Harlan Ellison. He also happens to be an extremely gifted writer with one of his most famous works being the episode of Star Trek “City on the Edge of Forever” (it was also “butchered, in his opinion). Well, it turns out that Ellison had a “lost” episode of the 1966 Batman TV series and that script is being turned into a comic by one of my favorite comic artists of all time, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.


Toy Stuff


Hot Toys Optimus Prime: One big toy reveal that has everyone talking is Hot Toys doing an Optimus Prime. I have several thoughts.

1. I’m fine with Transformers that don’t transform, it makes them closer to the comics/cartoon versions of the robot forms. And if you want an Optmus that Transforms, there’s like a billion of them.

2. It’s interesting that this is a 3rd Party licensed Transformer when there’s so many unlicensed ones out there, however Hasbro has been licensing their brands to others for awhile, particularly Sideshow with G.I. Joe. Does this mean more legitamate 3rd Party Transformers in the future though? Or a crackdown on the illegitmate ones?

3. It’s pretty horrific that this Prime comes with Starscream’s head and he’s using his wings. Like seriously, that’s some morbid shit.



Hot Toys Returns to Batman: Hot Toys went ahead and is making a Batman Returns Batman figure. It’s close enough to the 1989 suit that I won’t feel guilty for not buying it. But I could see where an ultra fan would want it… and it looks like they’ve significantly improved the cape.



Hot Toys Back to The Future: And speaking about the 1% of collector’s with tons of extra cash, they can spend their money on a 12 inch scale Marty McFly from Back to the Future. While I enjoy the movie and like Marty, I have no particular desire to own him in this sort of fashion.

Oh and without the time traveling DeLorean he’s kind of useless, so Hot Toys is making a scale one of those two. Shesh.

You can see this and all the other Hot Toys and Sideshow figures at Micheal Crawford’s site. I hope he doesn’t mind that I used one of his pictures.



Sideshow’s Scout Trooper In the world of slightly more affordable, yet still expensive high scale toys Sideshow revealed a 12 inch Scout Trooper.

I’ve got some sideshow points saved up, so I’ll probably end up getting him. I love the Scout Trooper Design. Sideshow is also doing a scale Speeder Biker, but I’m going to have to pass on that one. The 12 inch Hasbro version from the early 00s will have to do for me.



Really Big Little G.I. Joes: G.I. Joe is going to make a return to 12 inch format… sort of. The original figures are going to be upsized to 12 inches by Gentle Giant like they’ve been doing with classic Star Wars figures. I have absolutely zero desire for these. For some reason the Star Wars figures often come off as charming, though I never need to own one. The G.I. Joe figures just seem… wrong.



She-Ra: The above pic of She-Ra here has got me excited… take that any way you want! I’m not a huge fan of when He-Man went more sci-fi than fantasy, but I’ll appreciate any new She-Ra figure.



NECA’s 1989 NES Batman: In weird Batman Toy news NECA got a license to do a 7 in. scale Batman, which is fairly close to the scale Mattel has the rights for. Anyway, they decided to make a NES game inspired Batman. I know I said I’m not going to buy any more NECA products, but I may make an exception for this guy. I would probably keep him in the box so breakage wouldn’t be much of an issue.

  • I think your attraction to NA She-Ra lies solely in the rad neon visor!

  • Chris Piers

    I think I have to get the Marty McFly by Hot Toys.

  • montewilliams

    Unfortunately, due to Mattel’s license I’m pretty sure this is the only loophole NECA could find. In other words, there won’t be a standard NECA Keaton in this scale.

  • I have that same feeling. I think you’d have to paint him if you wanted a true NECA 1989 Batman.