Friday Round Up: Return of the Round Up

Vincent   January 18, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Return of the Round Up


Since I’ve been posting on a regular basis here, I figured I’d bring back one of my favorite posts, the Friday Round Up. Basically it’s an excuse to throw some random thoughts and favorite things into a post that normally wouldn’t get one. Let’s go!

The Site and Podcast Stuff

  • School is starting again for me soon. I anticipate that the updates will slow down, but I’m really trying not to return to the one post a month thing that happened last time.
  • Matty and I recorded a new episode of the Robot’s Pajama Party podcast this last week. I’m really looking forward to posting it, because I had a blast making it with him. This time I’ll do a pre-post telling you what we’re going to discuss to give you some lead time to view what we’re talking about to join in our fun.
  • I can’t thank Chris Piers enough. His posts and now video reviews have really reinvigorated my love of all things Robot’s Pajamas. If you like his stuff, please comment and let him know so he keeps doing it. You can also follow him on Twitter at @ChrisPiers

Toy Stuff

  • I spotted some of the new Lego sets for this year. Batman’s Batboat looks pretty cool and it comes with an all white Batman, which is neat. Also liked that the Star Wars A-Wing is back on shelves. I love me some A-Wings. And Lego Venom? Man, I might have to get that set just for him.
  • This is a neat article on scale problems in Transformers. I would like to write more about it someday, but basically Phillip J. Reed nails it on the head. I think its one reason why I didn’t get into Transformers as much as other toys, I always tried to match scales when having toy adventures.

Role Playing Game Stuff

  • I played Call of Cthulhu for the first time. I’d review it, but we didn’t finish our first adventure. Mostly we did lots and lots of research and then my character drank a bottle of gin and wrote bad poetry.
  • Running Ghostbusters again for the second time this Sunday. If anything hilarious happens, I’ll be sure to post all about it.

Life Stuff

  • I had terrible back pain from sleeping. Lesson learned folks, don’t get older.