Friday Round Up: Preemptive Strike Edition


Hey! Friday Round Up is back for another rip roaring end of work week (for us white collar workers) adventure! Now I wrote most of this Friday round up on the previous Saturday, so if I missed tons of stuff… well tough titties. By the way this week’s Friday Round Up image was found looking for “hot World War III” to see if I could come up with any kind of sexy nuclear war babes (after getting WWIII stuck in my head from the title). While it wasn’t some sexy irradiated mutant woman, it is some pretty rad 80s art.

Movie Stuff

X-Men Trailer: The latest trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past hit. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it looks like it could be pretty rad. I haven’t had much faith in Bryan Singer… and yet X-Men 2 is one of my favorite superhero movies. The biggest problem I see here is in combining essentially two movies one with the original cast and one with the newer cast from X-Men First Class. It could quickly become a cluster fuck.

New TMNT: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trailer hit last week as well and I dunno. It looks not completely awful on the surface. However, the producer and director have a terrible track record. And while the Turtles themselves aren’t impossibly bad… there’s just little things about them that freak me out. They have strange human eyes and teeth… just kinda creepy.

The original live action films (the first two at least) had turtles that looked real… yet also cartoony in a way. And watching it now with fresh eyes, they look ridiculous. I think setting the Ninja Turtles in a live action environment is almost impossible to do without it coming across as silly.


Update: This image created by a Reddit user featuring the new Ninja Turtles with older style faces exploded on the internet. I prefer the old look, but the problem is that is not what they were trying to go for in this movie. The more rounded face isn’t as tough, serious, angsty it looks like they want the movie to be. There’s got to be a look in-between these two that would have worked better.

Toy Stuff


G.I. Joe’s 50th Status: We’ve grumbled in the past before about the sorry state of G.I. Joe right now despite it’s being G.I. Joe’s 50th Anniversary, so it’s it’s worth noting that Reasonably Intelligent Rambling did a post about the current state of G.I. Joe. I pretty much agree with his conclusion, I pretty much have enough. There’s tons of vintage stuff I would like to have and stuff I missed in the previous few years. And if Sideshow keeps putting out G.I. Joe figures, that’s all the better.


Power Lords I don’t understand the love for Power Lords, but the Four Horsemen are such talented artists that they make a line I dislike look rather cool. Love that sweet 80s hair on that guy.

Video Game Stuff


Atari Art: The Atari 2600 had some simplistic games, but it had some amazing box/cartridge art that used to memorize me as a child. Here’s an article that talks more about the golden age of Atari art. Oh and here’s one I wrote awhile back on Retroist about Night Driver, both the game and the art.


Tiny Death Star: I finally downloaded Tiny Death Star as my mild amusement for bathroom breaks. It’s a really cute game, has some great music, and is loaded with a nice sense of humor, but it suffers from not having much to do like lots of mobile games. Even worse is the tasks available are really repetitive. I’ll keep playing it though, I got nothing better to do when I’m pooping.

  • The new TMNT look kind of weirds me out. It just… yeah. I like that reddit user’s interpretation. Looking forward to the X-Men movie, though!