Friday Round Up: Power On


Media Stuff

Captain Power: I feel like I live in a crazy world where Captain Power might get another shot at being a show, but that’s the world I live in now. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still really cool that official Captain Power merchandise is being made by the original show’s creators, the Goddard Film Group. They have some t-shirts available and I just got mine in the mail. Unfortunately it’s a small.


While I moved down in size from large to medium, I’m never going to fit into a small in my wildest dreams. Maybe I’ll have a contest or something to give it away…

Table Top Game Stuff:


X-Wing Miniatures: I played with the new Millennium Falcon last weekend and seriously got crushed by the girlfriend. Like, embarrassingly so. In the last round she was almost not going to use a bonus to give me the last bit of damage to destroy me, because she felt bad. I made her do it to put me out of my misery right then and there. Hopefully we’ll be having a rematch this weekend.

I still have to try the A-Wing yet along with the other bits from the expansion, because I got Slave 1 and a TIE Interceptor from Amazon (on sale plus had some gift card money left over). Ordered through OAFE’s referral link. Why OAFE? Because I’m pals with them and I support my friends. I like to go around to different sites and use their Amazon referral link for providing free and awesome stuff. Ah hem.

Site Stuff:

Traffic Thoughts:

Working consistently on the blog has been really rewarding as of late, at least personally. However it really hasn’t paid off big in traffic yet. This made me think of the blog Poe’s Points of Articulation.


According to Alexa, Poe’s traffic ranking is in the 100,000s place in the U.S., which was a goal of mine with my old toy blog. To contrast, Robot’s Pajamas’ traffic ranking is barley cracking the 400,000s in the U.S. Not too shabby, but not where I’d like to be.

I’m excited that Poe has achieved success as I can consider him a pal. However, his success makes me a tad disappointed in myself. At one point Poe and I were on the same level. You see my blog, Toybender, was fairly when he started his. I lost my toy blog when the corporation that owned it tanked. Before it had tanked I started Robot’s Pajamas to deal with non-toy related post and afterwards it became my number one blog. I’ve never been able to replicate the mild amount of success that I had with Toy Bender over here.

I’ve thought a lot about what’s hurt this site. It didn’t help that I struggled with a direction for awhile. And then for periods of time I barely updated. I also don’t tend to write about a lot of hot topics. In comparison, Poe has got a great thing going with his subject matter, particularly with Masters of the Universe coverage. People love to bitch and complain about Masters of the Universe. Compare that to Robot’s Pajamas… basically a nostalgia based blog in the sea of them. You either remember that thing or you don’t.

I’m also assuming that Poe gets a good amount of juice from links. He’s recognized as an authority now and big fish will link to him.

Basically the formula for success using Poe’s site as an example is this:

  • Great writing
  • Sleek design
  • Controversial / popular subject matter
  • Focused topic
  • Link juice

I can’t overlook the fact that success is relative. Maybe Poe feels like his site could be bigger and I’m sure that some people would love my traffic numbers.

The other problem with success is that your bar gets raised. If I wanted X number amount of visits and I got it, that number would no longer satisfy me. I’d want double that amount. I guess just keep plugging away is the answer for now.

I also have to mention that without Chris Piers, the site would still be in the doldrums. Chris has energized me to keep working at this thing every week, even when I’m super busy. So if you like the blog and what we’re doing right now, then be sure to thank Chris.

  • Thanks for making me go look up me ranking on that site: 9,000,000-ish lol

  • Is that world-wide? Or US?

  • Somehow I missed out on Captain Power. Don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.