Friday Round Up: Placeholder!

Chris Piers   March 6, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Placeholder!

Harmonix announced they will release Rock Band 4 this year! The plan is to release just one game (so no Rock Band 5 in the future) but instead release lots of new songs as DLC so that you can customize your own gaming experience. Also, your previously purchased songs stay with you but only within the same platform. As in, if you want to keep your Rock Band songs from your XBox 360 days, you have to get an XBox One. I switched from a 360 to a PS4, so I don’t get to keep my song library.

Alright, let’s dive in. We have a news round up about returning cult favorite tv shows, an opportunity to buy a TOWN from a popular tv show, upcoming movie and toy stuff and a lot more.


Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on the red carpet together

It used to be that once a tv show ended, that was it. But in today’s age when Futurama, Arrested Development, Family Guy and even Twin Peaks can return, should it be a surprise that Fox is interested in bringing back X-Files? They had great success last year in bringing back 24 for a special event season and now they’re looking at another once-hit property, X-Files. And according to star David Duchovny, things are looking very good for bringing the show back soon in some form of a special event miniseries. Do you want to see the show finally address the supposed alien invasion or did the disappointing second movie wipe out any remaining interest you had in the show?

Town from The Walking Dead episode "Clear"

Sure, some fans of The Walking Dead may pay top dollar for a mint condition copy of issue #1. Or maybe they have collected all the action figures and bought the high end Blu Ray sets. But how about the ultimate collectors’ item? Owning a TOWN from the show? That’s a small exaggeration but not much. The Georgia town of Grantville was used as the setting for the critically acclaimed season 3 episode “Clear” and now the town’s mayor is putting up nine buildings for sale for $680,000. So if you want a ton of buildings, that’s not too bad a deal.


drew goddard for spider-man director

It’s looking very likely that Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will write and direct the newly rebooted Spider-Man solo movie for Sony/Marvel. He was up for directing the Sinister Six spinoff movie that would be tied into the Amazing Spider-Man movies but that’s scrapped now that Spider-Man is going back to being a teenager and is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Goddard seems like a perfect fit. He worked closely with Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon on his tv shows and was going to oversee the Daredevil tv show for Marvel before Sony signed him to that Sinister Six project. But I’d argue he’s a much better fit for Spider-Man himself. He knows how to write teen angst and knows Marvel comics. He also wrote Cloverfield and a third act rewrite of World War Z. Should be cool!

battle cat concept art

Is the Masters of the Universe live action movie finally moving forward? Hard to say for sure, but the above image was tweeted by DeVon Franklin, who is either a current or former Senior VP of Production at Sony/Columbia Pictures depending on the report. So it’s either a huge He-Man fan who used to work in the industry or a current exec who is teasing a project in development. Your pick.

avengers 04 ultron sits atop a throne

This past week, Marvel released the third and probably final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. We did a scene by scene breakdown of it, trying to guess what the movie could be about. One thing that’s been reported is that no scenes from the final act of the film have been used in the trailer. So what could they be hiding? Well, this is really, really wild speculation but in the screenshot above, Ultron is wearing a red hood. In the comics, he once disguised himself as a red hood wearing bad guy called Crimson Cowl and assembled a supervillain team called The Masters of Evil. What if this movie assembled a supervillain team to battle the Avengers? Abomination, Red Skull, Klaw? Maybe it’s too much to hope for but that would be pretty damn epic!


Line at Midtown Comics to get Spider-Gwen signed

One of the most popular comics this week was Spider-Gwen #1. In the Spider-Man comics, his first serious girlfriend was Gwen Stacy who was killed by the Green Goblin. In this new comic, the Gwen Stacy of a parallel Earth is the one to get the spider powers, not Peter Parker. Writer Jason Latour (Southern Bastards, Django Unchained) is currently hitting some big comic book shops to sign the first issue (often with artist Robbi Rodriguez and other talent from the book). I just wanted to show these two photos. The one above is the line to get in to Midtown Comics in Times Square, NY. It stretches all the way down the block! That’s amazing. I’ve been to that store many times and it is huge. To have a line that long in freezing cold New York is something special. The second, below, is a photo of Latour with a cosplayer that came to get her book signed. It shows how iconic the costume is, which is usually a key first step in a character catching on. With Marvel building up to some sort of continuity reboot with this Summer’s Secret Wars, dare we hope for characters like Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales to roll into the main universe?

Jason Latour with Spider-Gwen cosplayer


Hot Toys Hulkbuster

Hot Toys makes beautifully detailed 1/6 scale figures. Personally, I have the Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy. At least 17 of their pieces. They are pricey but insanely articulated and I love ’em. But I can’t pull the trigger on their latest: Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor. Figures are normally about $200 each. Hulk is much larger and ran $400. But the Hulkbuster? $825. Ouch. More power to any nerd that can afford to get that.


A white walker from Game of Thrones

Another step forward for those who want to cut the cord. HBO announced it will allow people to stream their content on HBO Go without a cable package. It may launch as soon as this April for just $15/month. Yes, that’s about twice what Netflix costs but the quality of HBO original shows like Game of Thrones is impeccable. Add their sports, movies, and documentaries and it’s a pretty sweet value.


Star Trek Online statue in tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy

Last week we lost Leonard Nimoy. Very sad. In one nice tribute, however, the Star Trek Online MMORPG has added two statues as memorials. They can be found on Vulcan and New Romulus (the game takes place in the main tv/movie universe and includes the stuff that happens with Spock Prime in the 2009 film – Romulus blew up). It’s been deluged by fans wanting to pay their virtual respects to a great man. Not only a talented actor who gave us an indelible character, but also a wonderful director, photographer and human being. My favorite story? In an era where equal pay was not an issue, Nimoy heard Nichelle Nichols was not being paid an equal rate to the other other supporting cast members and spoke up to the producers. Sure, now we think of Spock as an integral part of Star Trek, but back then he was just an actor on a new, risky tv show.