Friday Round Up: New York Comic Con Time

Chris Piers   October 9, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: New York Comic Con Time

Hey, this is Chris. I’m in New York this weekend for Comic Con so this Friday Round Up is a little light. I’m out of town. Anyway, hopefully I can make up for it by coming back with interesting news next weekend. Above is the new teaser from Netflix for Jessica Jones. I’m in. Daredevil earned a LOT of good will from me so I’m excited for what’s up next. In the meantime, how about some news about Doctor Who Lego, a sitcom set in the Marvel movie universe, and more fun stuffs?


damage control marvel comics

ABC is making moves to turn itself slowly into the all-Marvel channel. But I have to admit, I’m solidly behind this idea. Damage Control was a series of comics in the 90s that followed a construction company who specialized in repairing the aftermath of superhero battles. It was basically a sitcom set in the Marvel Universe, created by the late Dwayne McDuffie and artist Ernie Colon. I loved it. It featured likable characters solving interesting problems. They were high concept but still somehow believable. The company at one time was jointly owned by Tony Stark and the Kingpin. Anyway, ABC is looking to develop it as a sitcom, still set within the Marvel cinematic universe. I think it could work and it could be a lot of fun. I also think it’d be a lot easier to get the stars of the TV shows and movies to pop up in cameos because they could basically just enter for a joke and continuity isn’t as important. Fingers crossed by me that it makes it to TV next season.


masters of the universe by drew struzan

One of my fav podcasts is How Did This Get Made?, where some comedians discuss movies that for whatever reason either failed miserably or are at least pretty bonkers plot-wise. But I only recently discovered that there’s a companion piece to it that started recently over at SlashFilm. Blake Harris puts together an oral history of the movie covered by the podcast where he interviews the actual writers, producers, actors, and crew members who made these movies, getting the story from their point of view as to why a movie didn’t turn out the way intended. I recommend checking out the one on Masters of the Universe where you learn why Dolph Lundgren sounded so wooden or the one on Maximum Overdrive where a coked out of his mind Stephen King ended up blinding his cinematographer.

It’s official! #NaomiScott will play the #PinkRanger in the @PowerRangersMovie!  Coming in 2017…

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The upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie will be a cinematic reboot of the over-20-years-old TV show. It’s finally cast its first Power Ranger so I guess the movie is gonna happen. The Pink Ranger will be played by Naomi Scott. Who? Well, she was the older daughter on Terra Nova, that one-season Fox show about a family living in the past with dinosaurs. Apparently she has a role in The Martian but I haven’t seen that yet so I don’t know how much she’s in it. What do you think it would take to make a Power Rangers movie work? In my opinion, it could still be campy but needs lots of fight scenes and should only focus on one or two members of the team, giving them an actual character arc, with the rest of the team as supporting players. Like X-Men or Star Trek.


lego doctor who set

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan so I was pretty excited to see Lego reveal their new official Doctor Who set. It comes from their Lego Ideas project where anyone can submit a concept and if it gathers enough votes of support within a period of time, Lego will review the set and will produce it if it feels there is an audience. That’s how Ghostbusters and Back to the Future became sets as well as the recent Wall-E one. You can see the set here and read about it but it’s planned to be available in Lego Stores on December 1st, be a little over 600 pieces and retail for $59.99. It comes with both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor, companion Clara Oswald, two Daleks and a Weeping Angel. Awesome. I got the old brick set by Character Options, a British toy manufacturer. It was okay but a little wobbly. Very excited for a high-quality Lego set.


frank miller dark knight 3 art

So, one of the covers for Dark Knight III has been released, featuring art by Frank Miller. I… I don’t know where to start. I used to love Frank’s simple, grounded style in Daredevil. I was definitely with him for his experiments in chiaroscuro for the early Sin City stories. Then his art and he got very weird, especially after September 11th. This… does not look good. I can’t imagine how much DC is paying him for it. It’ll probably do okay based on name recognition but my guess is it will not be remembered. You know, kind of how Dark Knight Returns is still considered good and how no one will mention Dark Knight Strikes Again.