Friday Round Up: New Robocop, Help Bill, Harry Gets Funded


Movie Stuff

Robocop Remake: Well it’s finally here, the trailer for one of the many remakes nobody wanted. As big of a fan of Robocop that I am (be it in new toy form, the old cartoon and toy, or in real life) I was not really looking forward to this. Still, I thought I’d give the trailer a fair shot.

By watching the trailer it’s obvious that it’s not a straight up remake, but it’s pretty damned close. It’s strange to me that Robocop is… very human, but in a robot suit. Screaming, “What have you done to me!?” Seems like it’s trying to tackle the issues of the first film, but in a more hit you on the head with a hammer method.

I’m not in the camp that this is the worst thing ever, nor am I very excited for it. I feel like this is a rental. Or a Netflix viewing. I do have to note that the new suit has grown on me, despite the fact that it looks like Iron Man or Batman’s movie duds. I really like the red line on the helmet.

Comic Book Stuff


Help Bill Mantlo: Bill Mantlo is one of my favorite comic book writers of all time. Two of his biggest accomplishments include taking a gimmicky space toy and making a compelling horror based comic out of it (Rom: Spaceknight) and likewise making a cohesive galaxy spanning adventure out of other toys (Micronauts). Not only did he write comic books, but he was a public defender!

Sadly, Bill was involved in an accident years ago and he’s never fully recovered. With the movie Guardians of the Galaxy getting buzz, if you found it in your heart to donate to help with Bill’s medical care, his family would really appreciate it. Bill co-created Rocket Raccoon, so if you really want to show your support for the people behind your favorite movie characters, I can’t think of any better way. I just did!

Comic Prospecting: A cool dude I know wrote up a post about just why comic book prospectors are very, very bad for the comic book business. Very interesting reading from a comic shop’s perspective.

Pop Culture Stuff

Harry Knowles

Aint it Cool: Well, the Aint it Cool TV show Kickstarter got funded somehow. I guess people don’t have better things to spend their money on.

In a related note, thanks to for linking to us.

And seriously, if Harry Knowles can get over 100,000 bucks for his garbage, surely people can give some cash to Bill Mantlo’s medical costs.

Sly Has a Price: Want to meet Rocky/Rambo in person? Well, you might have a chance to meet Sylvester Stallone at the upcoming New York Comic Con for 450 bucks! If you can’t swing that his autograph will be for the low price of 395 dollars.

Art Stuff


More Weird Art: From the Weird Art File comes these works where the artist let their 4 year old kid finish the drawings/ and then fleshed out the results. Deliciously odd! (Hat Tip: The Laughing Squid)

Horror Stuff

Nightvale: I recently started listening to “Welcome to Nightvale” a podcast that is a strange mixture of horror/surrealism/humor. The show is a series of news broadcasts from a small(ish) desert town of Nightvale. They pretty much sound like they’re coming from the strangest place on Earth.

There are some things I really like about it and many I don’t. Sometimes I feel like it’s just too silly. However, I listened all the way to episode 13 and that one I found to be brilliant. If you’re a Stephen King, Twin Peaks, or just a horror / weird stuff fan, you will want to give it a try.

Video Game Stuff


GTA: I’m not super into Grand Theft Auto, but I do have an interest in the new one coming out. Game Informer recently announced that Game Stop will be giving away a real version of one of the cars found in the game. It would be neat and all to win one, but with it being based on a Dodge Viper, the taxes based on worth alone will destroy a normal person.

Retro Stuff


Back to School: It’s back to school for dumb kids! I’ve been back to tech school for three weeks and I want to die. The only good thing about school is a Trapper Keeper. Too bad I can’t find them anymore.

  • I tweeted a pic of a Trapper Keeper at my local Target a few weeks ago. Was no where near as cool as I remembered em from the 80s.

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