Friday Round Up: New But the Same Geek Junk!

Greetings fellow humans! This week we’ve got another choice selection of geeky bits and bobs to satisfy your hungry bellies. Somehow I’m able to mention Batman 1989 another week and it should’t be a surprise that there’s a Star Wars related link. Basically, it’s the same stuff, but told in a different way. Enjoy!

Site Stuff


TMNT Week: Next week is going to be another theme week, which usually seems to spark some interest. We’ve got some great guest posts on tap and I even hope to write at least one article. I did design that lovely header, which is based on the TMNT NES game. It’s not perfect, but I like it and it got me all fired up for the upcoming week!


Movie Stuff

Deadpool Movie: One of the biggest things to come out of SDCC is this test footage for Deadpool. People have been going ape shit over this asking for a movie just like this. I agree. Please movie studios, do us a real solid and make a proper Deadpool movie!



Batman Returns Batmobile Interior: Oh man, how I wish I was ultra rich. The interior of the Batmobile used for Batman Returns is for sale. I don’t like Batman Returns all that much, but it’s close enough to Batman 1989 to make it a dream collectible. I’d just sit in this thing all day and watch TV.



The Ex Wife of Star Wars: Did you know that the only Academy Award that Star Wars got went to Marcia Lucas who was George Lucas’s wife? You probably don’t know much about her, because she’s barely mentioned in any capacity in the official Star Wars bios. Here is a lenghty article about Marcia Lucas and it’s interesting reading if you’re a fan of film history and want to know more about someone who had an important role in the creation of Star Wars, but is mostly overlooked today.


Toy Stuff


He-Mans at SDCC 14: Last FRU I talked about some stuff at SDCC 2014, but I didn’t mention Mattel’s Masters of the Universe display much more than saying I wanted a new She-Ra figure. Well the previous link has lots of good pictures.

I’m excited for Ninjor, there’s a redo of King Hiss that looks pretty bad ass, and the almost more naked than usual He-Man is pretty tempting!

One completely confusing thing is that one of the most wanted She-Ra related figures, Mermista, is going to be released in the more He-Man related subscription line, forcing those that wanted all the She-Ra figures to go out of the way to get her. This is another great example of Mattel not really doing their fans any kind of a service.



Rare G.I. Joe Set:Mr. Mataxis of 3D Joes recently sold one of the rarest of G.I. Joe Collectibles, the Missile Command Headquarters for a whopping $1,275 bucks. That’s over a thousand dollars for a set that’s basically cardboard and three figures. Congrats to him on that. I had the chance to meet him over a year ago and he’s a super nice dude.



3D Joes Kickstarter: Speaking of 3D Joes, they are having a Kickstarter going on right now to help fund their newest posters. The vehicle one is super rad.


Comic Stuff


Mile High Bitching: The owner of Mile High Comics made a big statment about not selling coming any more at SDCC. He makes a few good points, however you really have to question some of his statements. And someone has! Check out OAFE’s breakdown.


TV Stuff


Old TV is Good: I’ve been watching a ton of old TV shows lately. Me and the girlfriend have been working our way through The Andy Griffith Show and personally, I’ve been going crazy for Adam 12. This is a great write up defending old TV shows and giving you a starting point on where to find them.


Table Top Stuff


How Gary Gygax Lost D&D: I ran across this article and it’s a really well put together article on just how Gary Gygax, one of the inventors of D&D, lost control of his company TSR. Warning: It’s really long, but it’s a good read if you’re interested in business maneuverings or the behind the scenes stuff of D&D back in the day.


Video Game Stuff


Dual for Atari: Doesn’t this fake Atari 2600 box art for Duel look perfect? Hell, the movie wouldn’t really be that hard to translate into an Atari game. This should happen!

  • Thanks for the link!

  • This was one of the most interesting FRUs yet. I think my favorite ones have a paragraph explaining your take on something with a link to an interesting article for further reading.

  • Skewed_View

    I’m stoked that Mermista is being released in Club Eternia, because she is only one of two PoP figures left that I really want (Angella being the other). I think the new Galactic Protector She-ra looks pretty sweet too, so I’ll probably be picking her up whenever she comes out.

  • Yeah it works for you, but it’s really odd for those that just subscribed to get She-Ra figures and she’s one of the most wanted She-Ra figures.

  • Skewed_View

    Oh yeah, I agree that it should rub Etheria subscribers the wrong way. Mattel has a unique talent for pissing people off.