Friday Round Up: Nerd War!

Here’s the new teaser for the upcoming Star Trek TV show which will ultimately be shown on CBS’ streaming platform. I think I’m enough of a fan of Star Trek that I’ll probably subscribe. The trailer doesn’t show any real footage but the people behind it include some huge Trek fans that have made some of its best stuff – showrunner Bryan Fuller got his start writing on Deep Space Nine and executive producer Nicholas Meyer wrote and directed two of the best Trek movies: Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country. The format will be anthology based so each season is in a new time with a new crew. And it will be set in the “prime” universe of the TV shows and first 10 movies.

Anyway, we have some amazing stuff this week. Trailers for new sci-fi shows. The Angry Video Game Nerd and Patton Oswalt fight it out over the new Ghostbusters movie. Transformers! DC comics has yet another new logo for themselves and lots, lots more. Dig in.


Fox released trailers for some of their new shows that land later in the Fall. A bunch of them are sci-fi based or supernatural. One that really interested me is Making History, starring Adam Pally as a guy who invents time travel and uses it to have a girlfriend during Colonial America. And then he accidentally causes the Revolutionary War not to happen so he enlists his history professor friend to fix it.

Another super crazy concept is Son of Zorn, created by the dudes who made Last Man on Earth, The Lego Movie and other stuff. A Conan-esque animated warrior returns to the suburbs after finishing a 10-year war to reconnect with his son. There’s other trailers too, like an Exorcist TV show and a Lethal Weapon one. Eh, my interest in those is a lot less. Could work I suppose but both seem like stretched out versions of the same story their original movies told. I say change it up, find something new to explore within that context. And who knows? Maybe they will. The trailers didn’t excite me though.

CW DC actors

White Canary, Vixen, Green Arrow, Flash, Firestorm and Supergirl share a ride!

Meanwhile, Supergirl got renewed but will move to CW. That means the network will have a DC comics show by the same producers on from Monday through Thursday. Four shows. And CW president Mark Pedowitz said they’re already planning a crossover across all four shows, possibly for December. My personal wish for a villain? Music Meister, as played by Neil Patrick Harris who voiced the villain in Batman: The Brave and the Bold! I mean, so many of the cast across the shows are professional singers and Broadway actors that it would just be great! A four-night superhero musical. But I’m crazy.

ghost rider blade moon knight

Meanwhile, MovieCreed reports that Netflix is planning to add three more Marvel characters to its line of TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Blade, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight. I definitely could see these supernatural shows working well together, following Dr. Strange’s emergence. But while Blade and Moon Knight are more street-level fighting types of characters, Ghost Rider would be pretty FX intensive. Still, it should be doable these days, especially with the lead time a Netflix show gets compared to a 22-episode weekly show on network TV. I hope that if this rumor is true, they get good writers and actors.

Robert Kirkman rich

Know who else likes making comics-based shows? AMC. They’ve already had a LOT of success with their two Walking Dead shows so they are now teaming up with creator/producer Robert Kirkman to create a documentary series about comic books called Heroes and Villains: The History of Comics. It will explore the people who brought the stories about across the history of comic books. Also, AMC will have an aftershow following their adaptation of Vertigo comic book Preacher. But it’s called Talking Preacher. I guess the “brand” of Talking Dead/Talking Bad was SO strong that this made more sense to them than Preaching to the Choir (suggested by Will West)? It will be hosted by Chris Hardwick who is legally mandated to host all nerd-themed talk shows.


New trailer for Ghostbusters is out. I think it’s a better trailer than the first one. Maybe not fantastic, but I’m curious. Anyway, the bigger news about Ghostbusters is that James Rolfe, better known as the Angry Video Game Nerd posted a 6 and a half minute video saying that he would not review the movie and that he refused to watch it. This disappointed me, because I don’t care for pre-judging things. Also, if you are a reviewer, I think you have an added responsibility to be open. I will grant that if you think it looks bad, as a consumer you should not go see something you don’t think you’d enjoy. But as a reviewer?

In fact, I replied to him on Twitter asking if he had no faith in (director/writer) Paul Feig who I said has done some great stuff. He created Freaks and Geeks which was a fantastic TV show. He’s directed episodes of The Office and Arrested Development. And he’s done movies like Bridesmaids and Spy that I think are really, really funny. I know your mileage may vary but all of those things did well both at the box office and with critics so I think he’s earned plenty of trust to handle a new take on Ghostbusters. But man, I did not have any idea of who Angry Video Game Nerd has as fans. I got a bunch of tweets telling me I was an SJW which I came to find out means Social Justice Warrior. As in, almost all of these guys were GamerGaters who seem to be very, very angry with women. I was stunned because I’ve been a fan of the Nerd since about his third video. I supported his movie when it was crowdfunded and gave it a pretty good review here. But his fans? Some of them are not so nice.

Leave it to Patton Oswalt to put it in perspective. He simply tweeted about how Rolfe’s video was a bit awkward (it’s not one of his best as he comes off a bit smug and stunted in his delivery). So the Nerd’s fans began relentlessly attacking Patton, who I think of as a hero to all nerds for his fantastic jokes about stuff like Marvel Comics, Star Wars, reading in general, etc. And they were so fucking cruel. His wife recently passed away unexpectedly. And they all attacked him on THAT. I really think Rolfe should say something. Ask his fans to be human beings or apologize. Anyway, the vitriol just makes me want to see Ghostbusters to help make it a success no matter what. But I also think it’ll probably be hilarious. I’m a massive fan of the original. Huge fan. And I’ll always have that. Bill Murray never liked any of the ideas for a third Ghostbusters film and so it never happened. But he is appearing in this one. I think that does say something.


Meanwhile, a group of U.S. and China investors plan to adapt Tetris into a movie… trilogy. Uhhhhh. Well, that’s certainly an idea. I don’t know what hidden story lies behind Tetris that needs a 3-film epic but good luck to the writers who I’m sure are very passionate about telling such a tale.

transformers the last knight

Transformers 5 has begun filming. Apparently Josh Duhammel will return. Points if you can guess his character’s name, keeping in mind he was in the first three movies. Anyway, the title was announced. Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, at first blush it may seem like that refers to Optimus Prime. In the last movie he drew a sword to command the Dinobots then flew off into space for fairly vague reasons. But hear me out on this. What if that refers to another Hasbro character? As in Rom: Space Knight? We know that Hasbro wants to make a cinematic universe that connects G.I. Joe, Rom, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and Visionairies. Maybe this movie starts that?



DC Logo 2016

DC Comics has been around since 1940 and has had several logos in that time. All of them have the central idea of a circle and “DC” in the middle, with stars ever since 1974. In 1976, DC added the logo I’m most familiar with, a blue circle with “DC” at an angle and four white stars. They kept that until 2005 when they made a more modern, stylized take on DC with a star swishing around the letters. That’s fair. It’d been a while and you need to freshen things and keep them modern. But then they redid in a few years later in 2011 with the “DC” sort of opening like a page. That was around the time they rebooted all their comics with a new continuity. And now it’s been another 5 years and they’ve got yet another completely new logo. It sort of harkens back to some of their earlier ones but I also think you dilute your brand when you completely revise it every 5 years. The angles on the “C” in particular look awkward to me, almost like it’s a “G”. And it should have stars. Just my opinion, of course. Co-publisher Jim Lee explained the new logo this week in a press release saying the edges to the letters are meant to evoke the hard lines that their three main heroes–Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman–all have in their emblems. What do you think of the new version?


  • Skewed_View

    I’m not a particularly big fan of Paul Feig, his stuff is fine but never as funny as I think it should/could be. Ghostbusters does not look that good, but reading the comments on the trailer and hearing about the nerd fans attacking you and Oswalt really make me want to see it now.
    I think you’re right about ROM: The Spaceknight. I didn’t put that together myself, I assumed Prime was the last knight, but I also can’t remember any of the stupid plot in the last movie (I mean minutes after seeing it I couldn’t tell you what the hell it was about). It’s odd how the inclusion of ROM somehow makes me interested, but if he ends up just looking like another bayformer then I’ll be pretty bummed out.

  • William Bruce West

    Making History looks pretty funny, like a better version of Ilana Glazer’s “Time Traveling Bong”. I skipped that trailer originally because it was a midseason show. Not sure what it is about Fox, but their midseason bench looks a lot stronger than what they’re launching with. “APB” looks like it could be a CBS procedural, while “Shots Fired” is gonna have EVERYBODY talking. Fox has really got me looking forward to January at this point.