Friday Round Up: Movies, Comics, Toys and Moar! Always Moar!


Movie Stuff

Iron Man 3: Well Iron Man 3 is coming out and… I don’t know if I’ll see it in a theater. I don’t know why, but I’m just not that into Iron Man movies. I didn’t see 2 until it was on Netflix Instant last year. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m expecting lots of 3 point crouches (see above movie poster). They bother me way more than they should, mostly because they’re such a huge cliche that they drag me out of the movie.

Avengers 2: Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch might show up in Avengers 2. The only reason why I think this would be cool is that they’re mutants. I wonder how that would be addressed in the movie world where mutants don’t seem to exist due to different studios holding the rights to the comics.

Toy Stuff


Matty SDDC Previews: Mattel has been showing off what it will be offering as San Diego Comic Con exclusives and so far they’ve been pretty bleh. The obvious winner of the bunch is the Masters of the Universe Classics Rock Lords two pack, of which I want Rokkon, since I had him when I was a youth.

The Shazam figure is interesting in that he’s about the only Shazamm aka Captain Marvel figure that I’ve seen that doesn’t have a goofy smile on his face.


Update: After writing this, Mattel revealed their mini He-Man and Skeletor two pack. MUST HAVE THIS!

TMNT: William B. West wrote up a list about inconsistent mutations in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that’s worth checking out.

Table Top Gaming Stuff

Batman! This is an interesting article about the difference between collectors and game players. Also, I want to play the Batman: The Gotham City Strategy Game.

Convention Stuff


c2e2: We should have some more c2e2 related posts in the future, however two things have held us up. The first is my schooling which has become utter ridiculous in the final weeks of this semester. The other is that Matty really screwed up his back and he’s got most of the great c2e2 pictures on his camera. Hopefully he gets better soon, because I want my damn pictures!

In the meantime, enjoy some cosplay photos from Comicosity. One of them is me!

Comic Book Stuff

Free Comic Book Day: Don’t forget that 5/4/2013 is Free Comic Book Day! Just find your nearest participating comic book shop and pick up some free comics. Remember that the shops have to pay for the comics, so if you want to help them out by buying some stuff while you’re there, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Also, lot’s of comic stores have big sales during Free Comic Book Day!


Half Price Books: As much as I love Half Price books, I think it’s kind of shitty that they’re piggy backing onto the marketing and buzz for Free Comic Book Day. Comic book retailers pay a lot for the free comics they give away. It’s supposed to help promote both new comics and comic book stores. Giving away back issues of a crappy comic that the store probably paid pennies for is not in the spirit of the event and is in fact kind of scummy.

I used to work for Half Price Books and I love the company still, but this is one thing from them that I really don’t care for.

Plug Stuff

Note: The Wolverine Onesie was sold and is not in production.


Nerdborn: My lady runs a small Etsy shop on the side called Nerdborn. She recently had a commission for a Wolverine costume onesie, which is pictured above. So far the dude hasn’t paid so it just might be up for the general public, so keep an eye on the store! Be sure to like Nerdborn on Facebook!

Note: The Wolverine Costume Onesie is not in production and won’t be in the foreseeable future.

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  • Thanks for the link! Yeah, I think you can wait on Iron Man 3. It’s not *bad*, but something’s off. I really enjoyed it, though, and it’s not as disjointed as the 2nd one. I was nowhere near excited to see it, but I knew I had to unless I wanted to stay off Twitter for the next few weeks. But it’s definitely worth watching one day.

  • I am excited for Iron Man 3, personally.

  • Roxie

    Very good picture!!!

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