Friday Round Up: Mortal Kombat Edition

Vincent   February 1, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Mortal Kombat Edition


Toy Stuff:

Well Hasbro is finally giving in and doing a six inch line of Star Wars figures for the first time ever. Lots of people are excited about this and it’s already done it’s job, got people to talk about collecting Star Wars toys again.

I will pick up the occasionally 3.75 in. figure here and there to fill in holes, but the magic of Star Wars collecting died long ago for me. The line needs to stop for a few years and refresh itself, but in lieu of that this kind of deal this is the next best thing.

I’m not all that fired up for these. I might pick up a Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper, maybe even an R2-D2. We’ll see. I’m not super into 6 inch scale.

And one thing I can’t be excited about is the 20 dollar price point. Though if you think about it a figure that’s 3.75 inches is already 10 bucks. Kind of makes sense in the grand scheme of things the way toy prices have increased. And if anyone is wondering why I’m not as big of a collector of new things, it’s because of the price. I feel much more satisfied with my value that I get for vintage items.

Nerd Convention Stuff:

April is coming up in a few months and that means two big conventions for me: c2e2 and Joe Con. I still haven’t booked a room for Joe con. I could be in trouble… As far as c2e2 goes, I’m tempted to show up as a Ghostbuster one of the days. It would be cosplay light, considering the jumpsuit is from the crappy Halloween costume and the props of the proton pack and trap would be from the Kenner toy line from the 80s. I’d do this mostly because it would be funny to run into the really serious Ghostbusters costume people.

Table Top Game Stuff:

Munchkins: I got paid last Friday and even though I’m trying to be sensible I still stopped off and got Call of Cowthulhu from the local game shop (Board Game Barrister, What what?!). We added them to a game of Munchkins Cthulhu and even though a ton of them didn’t come up, still had some interesting twists. Review coming soon!

Ghostbusters RPG: Nothing new on this one. I was hoping to play Superbowl Sunday, but it is not to be. Hopefully we can play soon. This next adventure is where this campaign starts to get epic. I can’t wait to share some details with you. Also, I got a Ghostbusters hat that I can wear as I Ghost Master. Booyah!

Snack Stuff:

Cool Ranch Doritos flavored tacos at Taco Bell? Yes please. I don’t know why it’s taken so long.

Site Stuff:

I’m excited about the new Transformers Headmasters recaps. If you like them, beg @chrispiers for more and tell him how great he is.

And seriously, if you’re a fan of the blog let us know! We know you’re out there, but it just doesn’t feel “real” to us unless we know that you actually dig it.

Life Stuff:

Working Out: I’m trying to get back on a regular work out routine. My main goal right now is to not die from walking around c2e2 all day. I’m still in the phase where every time I go I feel like I’m going to die from sore muscles. Hopefully that goes away soon and I can get back into the swing of things.

Car Stuff: It looks like I may be getting a rather large tax return. Thanks, Obama! I want to put dual exhaust on my car (this is the kit I want). Yeah, that’s right. I might be a huge geek but I have pride in my own personal Batmobile. Why do I want dual exhaust? I want it to have more of a blub blub blub noise when it goes vroom!

After that I want fog lamps, new rims and tires, and then a bikini girl to wash it in the summer. No hanky panky, I have a girlfriend just need a car washer.