Friday Round Up: Mini Round Up

Movie Stuff


The Thing Book and Record: This retro book project is one of the coolest projects ever. Space Monkey X Audio Workshop has created a retro style book and audio recording based on The Thing. That’s based upon the old school book and records/tapes that used to be everywhere. These things were super popular for a long time. I think it’s pretty much due to the fact that it wasn’t super easy to get a copy of your favorite movie, VHS tapes were really expensive for awhile and even then it took forever for a movie to come out on VHS. Also, kids didn’t have their own TV or a portable way to watch their favorite movies so these books with an audio component helped fill the gap.



Celebrity Death Pool: Looks like friend of the site Ken Jeong has scored a movie that is being produced in part by the WWE called Celebrity Death Pool. Okay, he’s not exactly a friend of the site, but I’d like to think so. He liked a picture I posted on Facebook once. That has to count for something.

Anyway, it’s odd that the WWE is a producer of the film and it doesn’t really have anything to do with wrestling.



New Harry Potter-ish Movie: The first non-Harry Potter, Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, has got a director. Or something. Keep that sweet Harry Potter money train rolling, I guess.


Toy Stuff


More He-Mans: The subscription deadline for collecting Masters of the Universe Classics figures ended and… Mattel extended the subscription. This whole subscription thing is stupid, but I joined in. I don’t know what I was thinking. If you want to join in on the madness, you have until 8/25. If you want to join in on the madness, click here.


Tabletop Gaming Stuff


Starship Trooper Miniatures Game: I recently reported that I had acquired a copy of the Starship Troopers Miniatures game. In that post I said I planned on just painting the figures brown and black and then leaving it at that. Well, that’s not exactly happening. While I’m not putting 100% effort into painting them, I’m working on them in a bit more detail. The picture above is the mess I have so far. The bugs are looking pretty okay. The troopers need a lot of work.



Munchkin Judge Dredd: Wow, I probably don’t need more Munchkin products… but Judge Dredd is joining the world of Munchkin! I really think Judge Dredd’s rather crazy world can totally fit into the world of Munchkin, so I’m really looking forward to this now. Expect to hear more on Munchkin Judge Dredd in the future!

  • Chris Piers

    Ken worked with the WWE once before. Five years ago John Cena threw him out of a ring on Monday Night Raw:

  • Chris Piers

    Ken worked for WWE once, five years ago. He got thrown out of a ring by John Cena:

  • Mark

    Toyguru and Mattel’s marketing for MOTUC has been very questionable. They can only cry wolf so many times.