Friday Round Up: Memorial Day Weekend Round Up

Vincent   May 24, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Memorial Day Weekend Round Up


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day: Tommy Wiseau made a Memorial Day ad for Urban Outfitters. It’s not as funny as I’d hoped, but I love me some Tommy Wiseau.

Comic Book Stuff


Batman and Father’s Day: This Batman Father’s Day card is strange. I guess one could think that Batman is the father in this card, but it appears that he’s the one doing the “talking.” In that case, is he talking to his father that was murdered by a crook?

Movie Stuff


Star Trek Underwear: I got to hear on Twitter how terrible it was for Alice Eve to be in underwear in the new Star Trek film. Ahhh overly sensitive feminist types strike again. There’s nothing that can convince me that an attractive woman in her underwear is a bad thing. Even if it’s unnecessary that the character appear in her bra and panties, it sets a bad precedent that someone in underwear is inherently sexual. Condemning ladies in their underwear sends the wrong message, instead fight for more men in their underwear! Equality!

Worst Trek Movie: What’s the worst Star Trek movie? Here’s a case for Star Trek: Nemesis.

Toy Stuff

Helicopters: Poe Ghostal shares this story about a toy helicopter that will tug on your heart strings.

G.I. Subscription Service 2.0: After posting about the G.I. Joe Subscription Service Round 2.0 and saying I was going to hop on board, I ended up not doing so. There were two reasons for this.

1. My credit card was declined and I took that as a sign from the heavens that I shouldn’t go ahead with the 300 dollar purchase (not sure why the decline, I have plenty of credit. Not enough actual money, but credit in buckets). I could have used another card, but the credit card gods had sent me a sign.

2. Even though I planned to sell most of them off to pay for the ones I wanted, I have some major purchases that I want to make this summer, namely a dual exhaust conversion kit for my car. Yeah, I’m picking a car upgrade over a toy. Does this mean I’m a man now? Probably not.

Site Stuff


Lazy: I’ve been falling behind a little bit on site stuff lately. I blame this on me now spending a lot of time when I’m home packing. And I started up an art project in Adobe Illustrator. So I get home after work, pack, and then spend a little time working on the art. Sorry, folks! In the meantime enjoy this almost finished image of the Flagg I did. I’ll post more about it later perhaps (and post the version where the clouds aren’t accidentally in the foreground).

Web Stuff

Flickr: Newton Gimmick wrote this rather well thought out opinion piece on the new Flickr. I barely use the site, but Newton makes some great points.