Friday Round Up: March something something

This is the Wintergatan. A marble machine that makes music. It’s… amazing. I love it. Had to share it. Read on for news on Star Trek (TV), Dark Tower (movie), controversy, comics, toys and more.



Good news for Star Trek fans! Nicholas Meyer, who wrote Star Trek II, IV and VI and directed II and VI, has joined the upcoming Star Trek TV show as a producer. Since he’s worked on Trek at its best, he’s a great guy to provide guidance from on high.

love netflix show

My fiance and I spent the week binging on the Netflix show Love. I strongly recommend it. I adored it. It was sweet, painful and hilarious in turns. That’s all. Just a recommendations.

Mockingbird and Melinda May

I was a bit surprised by this news but ABC announced a very early renewal. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be back for a fourth season. My request? More name heroes and villains.


idris elba and matthew mcconaughey for dark tower

It’s been rumored for years that Stephen King’s epic fantasy novels, the Dark Tower series, would be adapted to film. Well, this week they finally confirmed the two main cast members. Idris Elba will play Roland, the Gunslinger, and Matthew McConaughey will play the man in black, a powerful sorcerer who goes by many names. I.. I don’t want to spoil any of it. It’s one of my favorite series (though I will admit the end was slightly anti-climactic). These are really strong choices. I’m in. The Dark Tower takes place primarily in Mid-World, a sort of Old West analog for our world where both magic and technology are breaking down, but also crosses into “our” world and others that King has written. It basically unites all of his books into a type of multiverse.

power rangers movie cast

Here’s your first look at the Power Rangers from the upcoming movie. From left to right, the new Billy, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Jason. They’re not wearing the same colors as their Ranger personas! I don’t know what to expect out of this. Will it be low-budget dreck like Power Rangers Turbo? Jamming the Power Ranger concepts into a more typical Young Adult series idea? A superhero movie? Who knows?

ghostbusters enter times square full of ghosts

The trailer for Ghostbusters finally came out yesterday. You should totes read our breakdown! Overall, we both thought it looked interesting and that this trailer was more setting the premise up for people. It wasn’t laugh-out-loud hilarious. But the video on YouTube has more dislikes than likes. People are hating on it. I do not think it’s worth hating on. These people have made some fantastic movies together like Bridesmaids and Spy. They’ve earned my goodwill.


timely comics

Marvel has a really good idea. If you follow the company back to its origins, it was known as Timely Comics in 1939 when it published some of its first superheroes like Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner. Now Marvel is using Timely Comics as an imprint name where they collect the first 3 issues of new titles and sell it for $3. That’s a pretty affordable price and a decent way to get new readers to try out some comics. Now they just need to stop renumbering things #1. I get how it excites some readers but when you decide to go back into past runs of stories it becomes insanely confusing. It’s better to keep something running at the same number and just announce that it’s a jumping on point or the first issue of a new arc.


skeletor super 7

The current trend of “retro” action figures means basic sculpting and an overall look like Kenner’s Star Wars line. That said, these Super 7 Masters of the Universe figures are pretty excellent, mostly for the Jason Edmiston card art. They are available for pre-order here at the Super 7 site.

dc superhero girls

Marvel keeps getting flak for not including Black Widow or other female characters in their toy lineups but DC is going to surge past them. In a new deal with DC Comics, Mattel and Target, a line called DC Superhero Girls is landing in Target stores this Summer. There will be a cartoon to back it up. I think it could end up being a big hit.

hot toys drax

It’s been about two years since Guardians of the Galaxy came out but Hot Toys has finally, FINALLY, released the last team member, Drax, for preorder. I bought it right away off the Sideshow link that you can see just to the right-hand of this article. When you go to Sideshow or Amazon from the site links, the site gets a small kickback. It all helps.

  • William Bruce West

    The SuperHeroGirls collection is already hitting stores, as I bought the Batgirl and Harley Quinn the other day. They’re technically for my daughter, but I’ll take care of them until she’s of age :-)

    I’ve heard you say good things about Love. I plan to check it out just as soon as I wrap up Fuller House.