Friday Round Up: M-m-m-M.A.S.K.

This week the above video was posted. It’s a brief look at what works in The Force Awakens and then the importance of Star Wars overall. It’s really wonderful. The whole “May the Fourth Be with You” is a bit weird since Star Wars premeired on May 25th but this was the best thing I saw posted for May 4th.

Read on for news on Power Rangers, costumes, junk food and new comics!


power rangers movie suits

Entertainment Weekly debuted the suits that the Power Rangers will wear in their upcoming movie reboot. First thought? They look a lot like the suits in the first Power Rangers movie. Second, they look a fair amount like Iron Man. Third, holy crap the boob armor for these teenagers is insanely over the top. I mean wow. Those things are massive.


sharknado 4

Well, SyFy is making a fourth Sharknado movie and I can’t blame ’em. The first two were hilarious. And normally I hate when something is “fake bad” or knowingly awful because you just can’t capture the same humor that something legit bad like Troll 2 or The Room has. Because the latter movies involve people TRYING. The third one sort of failed because I think they knew too well that people like the camp of it all. And in an over the top premise, they fought sharks in space. That was weird. It also spent way too much time at Universal Theme Park. Anyway, they do pretty well and are dirt cheap to make. So the fourth one will be called “The 4th Awakens”. It’s a pun, you see. Lots of D-list cameos.



IDW has announced they’ll be launching a comic book based off of Hasbro’s 80s cartoon/toy M.A.S.K. They claim it will have a Fast & Furious edge to it. No release date yet. I’m not surprised to see something like this. Hasbro wants to create a shared universe based on its toylines like Transformers and G.I. Joe but they need to remind people about stuff like Rom, M.A.S.K. and Visionairies if they want to accomplish that. The art by Tommy Lee Edwards looks pretty awesome.


nyc costumed characters

We have two articles about costumes this week. What? First, New York has in recent years gained tons of costumed characters in Times Square who beg for tips. These range from knock-off Disney to knock-off superheroes to knock-off Muppets. Honestly, it’s fairly hilarious. Oh, there’s also desnudas which are basically topless girls in bikinis and body paint. But they are also pretty aggressive about soliciting pictures and demanding payment (which legally you do not have to pay them unless you want to). It’s getting a bit over the top so some lawmakers are proposing they get in an even tighter zone and have to buy a license (which would only be about $30). Some of the costumed performers hired a lawyer and are arguing that infringes on their civil liberties. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Ever see the 2007 documentary Confessions of a Superhero? It’s a fascinating look at the people who do this for a living.

YouTube Channel Tested has a fantastic interview this week with Jose Fernandez, the founder of Ironhead Studios, who creates a lot of the superhero costumes in movies. It’s really interesting to hear about how the work is done and how credit is assigned. Plus, the detail on the work is incredible. His version of Apocalypse, which was not used for the upcoming X-Men movie, is so fantastic.


garlic fries

McDonald’s is testing garlic fries in San Francisco. I hope it does well. I’d love to be able to get some garlic fries easily. I don’t eat at McDonalds or really any fast food place except for trips but I’d consider going there for garlic fries. Mmmm.

  • I’d def go to McDonald’s for garlic fries.

  • Big Jim

    Hopefully those McDonald’s fries come to Canada, and McDonald’s goes one step further with Garlic Poutine