Friday Round Up: Lots of Stuff Edition

Vincent   July 12, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Lots of Stuff Edition
This pic is here just cuz she puts me in the bone zone.

This pic is here just cuz I want to put her in the bone zone.

TV Stuff

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Well it looks like the League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen is getting another shot outside of comics in the form of a TV pilot with Fox. I’m game. I’m one of the few people that liked the movie despite its enormous flaws.

Toy Stuff

Sideshow: I know you’re probably sick of me writing about Sideshow, but I’ve liked them for awhile. Just never got around to writing about them. Well, I finally broke and bought one of their Clones, the one I wrote about the other day. It won’t ship until December, so I have a long time to try to sell stuff to be able to afford it. Also, I had a coupon.

Mego Bodies: I’m not a big Mego person having completely missed it and skipping right to 3.75 in. figures thanks to my age, but I appreciate that many people are fans. A company is trying to get a new Mego body into production through Kickstarter and I think it’s a pretty worthwhile goal if you’re into that whole scene.

Car Stuff

Bad Ideas: Here’s a list of bad ideas for cars that seemed like good ideas at the time. I actually love fold away headlights, but they are just one more over-complicated thing that was bound to break at some point. I also had the automatic seat belts in my ’92 Thunderbird. They sucked.

Video Game Stuff

The Next Grand Theft Auto:

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, but I did enjoy GTA IV enough and I loved Red Dead Redemption. This video has got me even more interested in GTA V. Hopefully the driving and shooting mechanics aren’t shit again (which they specifically address in the video).

General Geek Stuff

Bruce Lee Lives!

So Johnnie Walker reanimated Bruce Lee so he could be in a commercial for them. Creepy.

Game of Thrones Throne


While the Iron Throne on HBO’s version of Game of Thrones is very impressive, it’s not what the author envisioned when he wrote the book. The above illustration is closer to what he imagined. Scary!

A Prank!

I don’t know how you feel about pranks, but most of the time they make me laugh if they’re innocent enough (and I’m not being pranked). The above prank had me laughing so hard at work. Dude makes it look like a ghost is coming out of the TV when his girlfriend wakes up. Great stuff.

Internet Jerks: So this d bag was a huge jerk to this cosplay chick and she shared his jerkiness with the world. Seriously, his messages come across as a hateful, sad person.

Site Stuff


Nerdborn: I forced my girlfriend to hire me as the social media manager for her Etsy store. If you got a baby and enjoy geek stuff, why not give the Nerborn Facebook page a like?