Friday Round Up: Like a Boss

Chris Piers   January 22, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Like a Boss

Pee Wee is back. The Venture Bros. are back. The Garbage Pail Kids are back! We also have some interesting news items like which 80s rock star owns the largest Star Wars collection. The owner of the comics distribution monopoly is a huge asshole. SNL had a hit Star Wars skit. And more.


turkish star wars figure head man

Rick Springfield. For a while we new him as the guy who had a couple hits like Jessie’s Girl or Human Touch (set in the futuristic year of… 2016). Lately he’s been acting more, showing up in Ricki and the Flash alongside Meryl Streep and on HBO’s True Detective. Turns out the dude is also a massive fan of Star Wars action figures. Rolling Stone went to his house to examine his collection and talk to some Star Wars experts to get their take on his thus-far-secret collection.

star wars black matt radar technician

SNL had actor Adam Driver host this past week. He did a turn as Kylo Ren, of course, in a pre-taped sketch based on Undercover Boss. I was kind of shocked at how popular the skit was because it was blowing up my social media all week. Several fans have even made custom-made action figures based on Kylo’s disguise, Matt the Radar Tech. If Hasbro is smart, they’ll actually make it. It’d sell better than some of the lame-o’s they’ve made in the past!

garbage pail kids donald dump

I thought Garbage Pail Kids were hilarious when I was a kid. Actually, I still do. One of the first things my pal Robert Kirkman bought himself when he started to get rich off Walking Dead was a complete binder of all the cards. I’m still kind of jealous about that. Well, a new wave is coming out and this time Topps is basing them off the political candidates. I want them all.


A guy who goes by moleman does animations and he made the cool one above based on the cast of Rick and Morty improvising on stage at San Diego Comic Con. The results are pretty terrific.

Here’s the extended trailer for season 6 of Venture Bros. which returns at midnight on January 31st. Season five ended back on July 21, 2013. 2013!!! There was an hour-long special about a year ago but the time it takes them to make these episodes is pretty insane. Still, the show is fantastic so I’m excited for its return. Last we saw them, Dr. Venture came into a TON of money and the whole gang is moving to New York City.


steve geppi

We all know about Marvel and DC and Image and Dark Horse and maybe even some smaller press guys like Fantagraphics. But how do the books get to the stores? That’s the job of Diamond Distribution, which essentially holds a monopoly on delivering the books from publishers to stores. Its owner, Steve Geppi, has made a fortune off of it. And he is an asshole. He basically hates the poors and does not acknowledge that the economy today has many significant barriers that make it harder to simply pull yourself up by the bootstraps. He calls himself the Hugh Hefner of Baltimore and lives his life as such. For a profile on his recent tirades and embarrassing lifestyle, check out this article. He also gets racist and has a huge social media fight with writer Mark Waid.