Friday Round Up: Let’s Get Personal

What? A Classic Style Friday Round Up?! Yep, it’s 100% true. And today’s Round Up will be a little different in that there’s some geek pop culture stuff, but a little more personal stuff sprinkled in. Hope you enjoy!

Movie Stuff


Deadpool: It looks like all the positive buzz generated by the leaked Deadpool test footage paid off. Fox has announced that they’re moving ahead with a Deadpool movie. This could be a really fun movie. Or a total shit storm. Let’s hope for a total fun storm.


The Official Millennium Falcon Footage: There was some footage released of the Millennium Falcon that will be appearing in Star Wars 7. It’s cool seeing it and all, but it doesn’t super fire me up like it has for other people. I want to know if the movie will be any good. Oh yeah, and there’s a Batman toy that’s a part of the Falcon, because why not?



Tom Hiddleston’s King Kong: If there’s one actor that I could see less of, it’s Tom Hiddleston. He seems nice, but his fan base is annoying. If there’s any movie that might just sink his career, it might just be the King Kong origin film. Yes… an origin for King Kong. You know what his origin is? He’s a giant ape living on a super fucked up island. Done.



The Green Slime: One of my favorite all time bad movies is The Green Slime
. Warner Archive put it out on DVD a few years ago and I’m eternally grateful for that. To show my gratitude, I wrote them a letter and drew them one of the Green Slime creatures using my medium of choice, crayon. They put it on their wall. That’s awesome.



Halloween Stuff


Geek Costume: I saw this “costume” at a local Goodwill. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s reflecting a really outdated idea of what a geek is. But there’s some other levels to this costume. The package should say “Nerd” because it plays more upon the 1950s idea of what a nerd looks like. Furthermore, one of the only pieces of it is hillbilly teeth, something that isn’t the top of the list of things you would associate with nerds/geeks. Someone at the hillbilly teeth factory was really stretching with this one.


Toy Stuff:


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: Remember Ghostbusters Week?! That was incredible, right? Well, one of the prizes I gave away was a 24 inch tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank from Diamond Select Toys. Well, I got one for myself and man, is it cool. I’ll review it in a future post, but I just wanted to drop mention of it it here to fill space and brag.


Site Stuff


Chris is Keeping It Real: I’d like to take a moment and publicly thank my pal Chris Piers for all the work he’s done on the site. Sometimes I feel like his enthusiasm is the only thing keeping it alive. Seriously he’s pounding out articles like some really uncomfortable sexual metaphor and I’m just dropping in from time to time. The Robot’s Pajamas wouldn’t be much of anything without him around, so Chris thanks for all your hard work.

And as long as I’m handing out thank yous, thanks again if you read this hear blog and/or interact with me a regular basis on Twitter/Facebook. I really appreciate it and having fun conversations with cool folks is what keeps me going.

  • Chris Piers

    Man, you don’t gotta thank me. It’s fun writing nerdy articles here and fun talking with you about movies and tv and food and music and toys and games. But thanks for revealing that there’s a lot of fan porn based on my name (Resident Evil 6 featured two characters: Chris and Piers).

  • I would be concerned if there was fan porn based on my Interweb handle.