Friday Round Up: Lazy Friday After Holiday Edition

Vincent   July 5, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Lazy Friday After Holiday Edition

Art Stuff

Monster Fink D&D art toy line cartoon

Collector Stuff

SDCC Exclusive: Our pal LemonJuice McGee over at MTV Geek compiled a master list of SDCC Exclusives. Be sure to check it out and make a wish list!

Diamond Select New Stuff: Diamond Select has some cool stuff out now including a sweet looking Minimate Enterprise and a cool War Machine figure. Check it out!

TV Stuff

Television Zombies: This is a semi-plug, because in the last episode of the podcast Television Zombies Chris Piers gave this site a plug. I’m returning the favor. TV Zombies is a great podcast if you watch geeky genre shows like Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, and Supernatural. I often am not caught up on those series so I can only tune in once I do. However, if you like watching geek genre shows I urge you to check out Television Zombies. It’s good. Real good!

More Sam Rockwell: In an interview Sam Rockwell expressed interest in playing Justin Hammer again either an in Avengers movie or the upcoming TV series, Agents of SHIELD. As a fan of Sam Rockwell, I say yes please! I’m not all that fired up about Agents of SHIELD, but if I can get some more Sam Rockwell… well that’s something that would get me to tune in.

Movie Stuff

The Lone Ranger: I haven’t seen it yet, simply based on Johnny Depp looking fucking ridiculous, but I haven’t seen a single positive Lone Ranger review yet. If you’ve seen it and want to review it on this here site, please do!

Site Stuff

New Writer: I don’t think I’ve mentioned our new writer pal Ari Fleeman yet. Ari has contributed a couple of posts and he seems interested in doing more. I like his go get em attitude! Remember if you want to write for Robot’s Pajamas, just send an email to RobotsPajamas [at] gmail [dot] com

July 4th Stuff

Happy Birthday America: I forgot to mention July 4th yesterday. Sorry, U.S.A., I hope you accept this belated birthday message. Happy birthday!

USO Captain America cosplay girls