Friday Round Up: Last Minute Edition

Vincent   February 15, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Last Minute Edition


Toy Stuff

The 2013 New York Toy Fair happened last week and while Chris already posted his coverage, I have not had time. Hopefully over the weekend I can crank something out! And I don’t mean that in a sexual way!

Table Top Game Stuff

I haven’t played the X-Wing minis game in over a month now and I’m really getting the itch. I’m dying to play the expansions and review them for you, but they’ve been pushed from January, to February, and now I read March. So frustrating!

Convention Stuff

G.I. Joe Con: This is the first year that the G.I. Joe convention will be within driving distance to me, so I kind of have to go. I’ve secured my passes and my hotel room. In a way though I’m a tad nervous about the thing. It’s a very narrow focus for a con. I’m not sure what to expect really and I’m going to be going by myself (so far). The good part is that there will be other people there that I converse with regularly on Twitter, at least one of them I’ve met in person before. Still, if I’m murdered the first suspects are my Twitter followers. Also, bury my G.I. Joes with me.

C2E2: I’m super excited about C2E2 this year. A lot of the coolness of C2E2 is meeting up with friends and hanging out. I’m also seriously considering “cosplaying” for the first time ever. Basically it would involve me getting out my dumb Ghostbusters Halloween jump suit and using the old Kenner proton pack and trap as props for the thing.

Life Stuff

Math: Math gives me nightmares. Literally. I’ve been having school related math nightmares again. I thought I was done with this in high school. My hatred of math runs deep.

Car: Okay I’ll quit talking about the car, but the grille I settled on is basically this one. I’m hoping to buy a strobe light to put behind it to make it a bit like Knight Rider. Yeah, I know it’s illegal to drive around with one. Nothing wrong with leaving it parked and having people thinking I’m a dork, though.