Friday Round Up: Last Minute Edition

Vincent   September 13, 2013   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Last Minute Edition

Usually I keep a running draft all week so when Friday comes I have stuff to talk about. I completely dropped the ball on that, so this week is some last minute things I came up with!

G.I. Joe Cartoon

News Stuff

G.I. Joe: It’s weird how real life reflects 80s cartoons. For instance, I’m reminded of that episode of G.I. Joe where Cobra was involved in a war with Kryzakastan. They used poison gas on the people, so G.I. Joe was going to intervene. Instead Destro came forward and said he was going to take away all the poison gas from Cobra Commander (this way he could still sell Cobra Commander weapons and Cobra Commander could continue his war). Destro was recognized as a peace broker and G.I. Joe was labeled as a bunch of war mongers.

Movie Stuff

Colors! I totally forgot about this trailer for Colors, but then I immediately remembered it upon hitting play. It was on like all the time.Thanks to the Retroist for digging that old gem up.

Moar Potters! So there’s going to be a spin off Harry Potter movie series of sorts written by JK Rowling. How did I know that was going to happen? Got to keep that Harry Potter cash machine running somehow!

TV Stuff

Greatest TV Scene? Under Scoop Fire puts forth a compelling argument as to why a scene from Freaks and Geeks is one of the greatest scenes in the history of television.

Comics Stuff

Zatanna Cosplay

Baltimore Comic Con: Interwebs pal William B. West has his thoughts on the Baltimore Comic Con 2013 and some pics of cosplayers. Check it out!

Snake is Back: The Dark Horse Comics reviews may have taken a week’s hiatus, but don’t fear, Double Dumb Ass has got a comic review for you. It’s the first issue of John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken Chronicles! Okay the comic is from 2003, but the review is worth a read.

From the Twitter News Wire

Birthdays: Twitter follower Crooked Ninja Turtle of The Crooked Ninja reports that it was his dog’s birthday this week.

Lois and Clark: CT from Nerd Lunch reports that Lois and Clark turned 20! It feels like only yesterday that I was looking for Teri Hatcher nude pictures on AOL.

Miley Nerdgasms from Nerdgasms reports that Miley Cyrus did something somewhere.

Site Stuff…changes! School isn’t super bad yet so I may go ahead and pull the trigger on something I’ve been putting off doing for awhile… changing the look of the site! I may go with a free theme and then modify it from there. Never having done such a thing before I’m a tad nervous. If the site looks wonky on a visit, just keep in mind I’m fiddling with stuff.