Friday Round Up: Kung Fury Arrives

Kung Fury came out yesterday and now you can watch the entire 80s-inspired insanity. The video above is the entire 30-minute film, funded by Kickstarter and made by David Sandberg. It’s about a kung-fu cop who travels back in time thanks to computers to kill Adolf Hitler. It’s fun!

This week we have some cool Kickstarters you might be interested in, news on Marvel canceling any Fantastic Four or X-Men merchandise, Twin Peaks‘ new episode count at Showtime, and the bizarre choice to make a new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. A lot more stuff worth reading and talking about, too.


twedes cafe

Great news for Twin Peaks fans and extra great news for those fans like myself that life near Seattle. First, Showtime agreed to fund what creator/director David Lynch wanted to do before he walked away. So he’s back and there will now be 18 episodes, not 9. And Lynch will direct them all. But also, the show will rebuild the diner from the show, the Double R. The diner still exists but it was heavily damaged in a fire after the show and is now known as Twede’s Cafe. You can see a picture of their sign that I took the last time I ate there. I can’t wait to go to it once it looks 100% screen accurate!

harley quinn on arrow

You know what frustrates me? The way Warner Bros. treats its TV shows based on DC characters. Arrow and Flash have both been big hits (for the CW) and are really well done. But they let the movies dictate what they can and can’t do to a frustrating degree. Arrow introduced great versions of Suicide Squad and Deathstroke that were huge parts of season 2. Then in season 3, they both seemed to be quickly backgrounded to the point of effectively being written out. And now we know why. It’s because they didn’t want to somehow confuse the audience for their upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Willa Holland, who plays Arrow’s sister, explained it best this past week at the MCM London Comic Con:

“Because we had the Suicide Squad and these things inside of it, ARGUS. We were going really heavily into that for a minute. And then, something must have come down from DC or some higher-up above that said, ‘No, you must cease and desist because we’re going to make it into a movie and we can’t have anybody spoil that idea.’ We did get to see that little pigtail and the ARGUS uniform and the little treat of Harley Quinn, and it just got ripped away. So if we could actually have Harley Quinn on the show, that would be amazing. But it’s never going to happen.”

jaden smith as static shock

Take this with a grain of salt but supposedly one of Will Smith’s conditions for doing the Suicide Squad movie without really being the sole “star” was that DC agreed to cast his son, Jaden Smith, as Static Shock in an upcoming webseries. Now, DC and Warner Bros. haven’t confirmed anything but actor Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris, Walking Dead) was interviewed by Flicks and the City this week and said: “There aren’t many young black comic book superheroes. It’s great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden.” It sure seems like Will Smith is determined to force his son into superstardom, whether we want it or not.


Help by Justin Lin

Google released the first 360-degree movie with real people (not animated) called Help. Directed by Justin Lin (a bunch of the Fast and Furious movies) the story follows a meteor shower in L.A.’s Chinatown which unleashes something strange. You can download it through the Google Spotlight Stories app but it’s about 1 Gig. So it’s a long download. I hear it’s very impressive but that like most VR stuff, it isn’t quite convincing even though this films in real locations with real people. If you have a mobile device that can play it, let us know what it’s like.

gary anthony williams and sheamus in TMNT 2

Kinda weird casting news for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 but fun nonetheless. WWE wrestler Sheamus is playing Rocksteady in the movie. From the behind-the-scenes photo above, it looks like a pretty close interpretation of the version from the late 80s/early 90s cartoon. They also cast Brian Tee as Shredder and a new actress as Karai. I’m starting to think they’ll just say the Shredder and Karai from the first one were imposters or something.

league of extraordinary gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a fun Alan Moore book that brought together all sorts of Victorian characters from fiction including Frankenstein, Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula and more. It was sort of “what if superheroes existed in old Britain?” Very fun stuff. It was also a terrible, terrible movie. It made little sense and actually caused Sean Connery to decide to retire because he had such a bad experience making it. It also didn’t perform very well. But it’s based on an Alan Moore book and he’s very well respected. Sure, he hates adaptations of his comics, but who cares what he thinks? What matters to Fox is that it holds a certain cache with fans. So they’ve announced plans to reboot it. This can only end in tears.

chinese star trek office

Marvel at what $100 million can get you. For one businessman in China who happens to be a big Star Trek fan, he licensed the right to make an office building that looks like a Starfleet ship. Liu Dejian is the founder of Chinese game developer NetDragon Websoft who operate a popular MMO in Asia. Well done, sir.


I’m pretty excited for Arkham Knight. And I’m extra excited for the PS4 version. Why? The ability to walk around as the Adam West Batman. Sold. It’s due June 23rd by Rockstar, who made the first two fantastic Arkham games. In the trailer, the voice of the Scarecrow sounded familiar. Could it be Keith David? No, not quite. It’s John Noble, from Fringe. He sounds good!

Let’s hear it for fan creativity. The above video is a recreation of a Mad Max: Fury Road action scene. No spoilers though because it’s all done in-game with Grand Theft Auto V. The War Rig becomes an ordinary tanker truck and the War Boys become guys on motorcycles and dune buggies with Juggalo face paint. But it’s pretty cool.


marvel superheroes t-shirt with no x-men or fantastic four

Last week we brought up how Marvel was releasing a t-shirt based on a cover from Secret Wars in the 80s but it erased all X-Men and Fantastic Four. Above is yet another shirt that does the same thing. Apparently Marvel is actively trying to choke out interest in those properties since 20th Century Fox makes those films and not them. They’ll keep publishing the characters, but not as prominently because they don’t want to advertise or create new source material for movies they don’t make, which is significantly more profitable than the actual comics. They also don’t make any Fantastic Four or X-Men characters in their popular Marvel Legends action figure line. The only mutant they’ve done in the past year was Scarlet Witch, only now the comics have said Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch weren’t mutants, they just thought they were. Anything to make Marvel’s version (the characters in the Avengers movies) feel more “official” apparently.

DC Convergence

In DC Comics, their current big crossover is Convergence and it’s changed the status quo of their stable of titles. Due to some cosmic whosywatsis, all parallel realities and previous continuity stories are now back in play. There’s no longer just one reality, as has been the case for the last couple of years following their Flashpoint event and the birth of the New 52 continuity. And the writers are apparently able to take advantage of this fact, with new titles launching in June like Prez and Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America. Oh, also Superman and Wonder Woman have apparently been dating in the comics for a few years and Superman broke up with her. Will this bring you back to reading DC books?


This week Vincent recommended a Kickstarter for a book of G.I. Joe artwork. Here are two more Kickstarters you might like:

Light up testicles to hang on your bicycle seat for evening rides.

Arudboy, a credit card-sized gaming device that lets you connect to a computer with a USB cord and download free games like Ardumon (Pokemon), Tetris, Maruingo (Super Mario Bros.) and more. Cute.


pacific rim neca

At the beginning of the movie Pacific Rim, we briefly see that the world feels safe from the kaiju monsters that attack and kids even have chibi toys based on monsters and jaeger machines. Well, NECA is making duplicates of the ones seen (for like a second) in the movie and it will be an exclusive at their booth at July’s San Diego Comic Con. Topless Robot got the exclusive on that one. Other exclusive toys at the Con include a Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler action figure set and some humpback whales with bobble tails (Star Trek IV), both by Entertainment Earth. Also, a black and white Batman figure based on Jim Lee’s artwork called a Blueline Edition, by Previews.

new order stormtrooper

There’s an eBay auction that ends later tonight where a Hong Kong guy is selling what he claims is the Stormtrooper figure from the upcoming Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. It’s the 6″ tall figure for the Star Wars Black toy line. Sure, it could be a fan-made creation but the detail on shoulders, hips and helmet lead many to think it’s legit. Also, this guy has sold action figures from toylines early. He probably works at a manufacturing plant and steals prototype figures. So, if you want to spend $1,000 on a figure available in 3 months for $25, go nuts.

hot topic

Oh, and Hot Topic is buying