Friday Round Up: Mamma Jamma of a Slamma!

So the Ultimate Edition/R-Rated version of Batman v Superman lands on home video later this month. June 28th. Here’s a new trailer for it that shows some new scenes. I didn’t care for the movie and I doubt additional violence will change my mind but your mileage may vary.

Read on for news on Star Wars’ troubled shoot, Hasbro’s toys crossing over in comics, death threats against video game makers and reviewers and more!


swro03 jyn erso in rebel base

News broke this week that the Star Wars: Rogue One movie coming this winter may be in a bit of trouble. It’s apparently going in for some last minute reshoots. That’s not always a sign of a bad movie, but apparently Disney executives wanted to adjust the tone of the movie to appeal to all four quadrants of the movie going public and director Gareth Edwards’ first cut was too dark for their taste. You can read about it here at The Hollywood Reporter. Fingers crossed that it’s not much of a big deal because I thought the trailer looked great.

megatron face transformers: the last knight

Michael Bay shared the above image on social media as a tease for the upcoming 5th Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight. Apparently it’s Megatron. I wish the Transformers had more color and looked less like a kid superglued all their silverware to an animal’s face.

friday the 13th sweater by mondo

Producer Brad Fuller has been promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Out of the Shadows and revealed that now that that movie is wrapped up, he’s working on a new Friday the 13th movie. Apparently it’ll be a second reboot because he describes it as being a type of origin story for Jason Voorhees that will include his mother Pamela as well. There’s speculation that we’ll meet his father, too. Which is really what fans have been clamoring for in the last 12 Friday the 13th movies. The next Friday the 13th movie will of course be released on Friday the 13th, January 2017. Pretty soon! I like the Friday the 13th series even though they’re not that great. I’ve never really cared about where Jason came from. He’s more like a rabid dog, a shark, a force of nature. It doesn’t matter if he was loved or abused or once saw a squirrel got hit by a car and how that affected him. But I guess I’ll take what I get and like it.

vulture vs spider-man storyboards jeffrey henderson

Oh what could have been. While even Sam Raimi admits that Spider-Man 3 was a missed opportunity it looks like Spider-Man 4 could have been really good. Artist Jeffrey Henderson shared some storyboards for the movie this past week. He reveals that while Vulture is sometimes seen as an old man and not threatening, the plan was to just go for it and make him the most dangerous, challenging enemy Spidey had ever gone up against. Anyway, click here to view some of Henderson’s fun storyboards.

COMICSidw hasbro crossover

Hasbro must realllllly want this connected toy universe thing to happen. We’ve heard plenty of news that they want to make movies crossing over their various properties but now IDW has recently acquired the licenses to make comics based on Hasbro stuff beyond just G.I. Joe and Transformers. IDW will bring together G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, ROM, Action Man, and the newly launching M.A.S.K. comic series for a five-issue event series called Revolution in September. Sounds like a way for Hasbro to test the waters on how well the idea will work. No word on the creative team yet.


The upcoming game No Man’s Land is highly anticipated. Basically, you can fly your spaceship throughout space to a near infinite number of planets and just explore. Anyway, it was originally due this month on the 21st. Kotaku broke news that it would be delayed to August 9th. The journalist and the game maker then began receiving death threats from angry “fans”. Christ, what a terrifying world we live in where even if you have supporters they are ready to kill you if you don’t deliver what they want when they want it!


brienne fights in the north

George R.R. Martin, creator/writer of Game of Thrones, revealed a fun tidbit to fans of the books. It’s been speculated before but wasn’t likely to be confirmed within the books so when Martin revealed this info at Balticon last week, it was fun news. The story bit is that Brienne, the lady knight in Game of Thrones, is a descendant of Ser Duncan the Tall. Duncan, better known as Dunk, is one of the two protagonists in a series of novellas about Dunk and Egg, a knight and squire in Westeros set about 100 years before the Game of Thrones story begins. No spoilers about any of the stories but it really makes sense. Dunk was referred to as the last true knight and Brienne is much the same. Also, their stature and the fact that Brienne finds Dunk’s shield at one point all hinted she could be related. She is!


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  • William Bruce West

    Chewbacca Mom Gets a Scholarship sounds like a movie we would’ve gotten had Lucas kept the franchise. There’s a comedian, and I forget his name at the moment, but he had a joke about this. Prior to Disney’s purchase of Star Wars, he said that the franchise was running out of ideas and eventually we’d get “Chewbacca Goes to College”. This feels like that.

  • Chris Piers

    That’s hilarious. Made me chuckle out loud.

    Would you agree that this post was a mamma jamma of a slamma?