Friday Round Up: Jaws Reboot, Star Wars Toys and Fake Cartoons

Above is the trailer for The Gamechangers, a TV movie about the Grand Theft Auto video games. It will air on September 15 on BBC Two and stars Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton. I think it looks pretty interesting! Okay, we have some big news to share this week and hopefully we can all discuss it. Marvel Studios restructuring and reboots of famous Universal movies. Star Wars merchandise is on the shelves. Huge video game franchises have new entries. Let’s get to it.


Roy Scheider in Jaws

Steven Spielberg is in discussions to have his film studio Dreamworks distribute their films through Universal. Previously, they’ve been with Paramount and Disney. So what, right? Well in this Hollywood Reporter article, it mentions Spielberg is interested in reboots to Jaws and Back to the Future which he directed and produced, respectively. Both are Universal movies and they’d probably love to reboot both but the Back to the Future one seems like a stretch. Director Robert Zemeckis has said he does not want it to ever be rebooted while he’s alive and hopes his estate would honor his wishes once he’s dead. Who knows?

avengers team


There’s a big change for Marvel Studios that went down this week. It no longer reports to Marvel but directly to Disney. Previously, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reported to Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter but now he will report to Disney studio chief Alan Horn. It just goes to show, if you simply release 12 consecutive blockbusters, it gives you enough clout to rearrange things. In related news, apparently the Marvel Studios Creative Committee may be breaking up or reorganizing. This is a group consisting of comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel’s former editor-in-chief and now Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, publisher Dan Buckley, and Alan Fine who came to Marvel with Perlmutter from Toy Biz. They basically were consultants that would give notes on the movies to the directors. Apparently they are also the main reason that directors like Patty Jenkins (Thor 2) and Edgar Wright (Ant-Man) left their projects. The new goal is to allow directors more creative freedom.


This is the opening of the anime Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit. Which actually never existed, but if you watch the video, you’d be forgiven for thinking it did. That was the goal of animator Wes Louis who pranked the anime community with it. Here’s a fun interview where he explains how and why he did it.


The opening cinematic for Halo 5 came out this week. The game comes out for XBox One next month, October 27th. It’s interesting to see Nathan Fillion return, reprising his role of Buck who was a main character in Halo: Reach. Also appearing is Mike Colter who will soon be seen as superhero Luke Cage on Netflix’ show AKA Jessica Jones. I don’t have an XBox One yet, but this makes it more tempting.

metal gear solid v butt crack

Another big game release, which came out this week, is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Great graphics, engaging story. But just know that game developer Hideo Kojima pranked players in it. In your first 45 minutes you spend most of the time crawling after an ally in a hospital and you totally see his butt crack. So you’re just constantly pushing your character slowly towards that butt crack. Hilarious, Mr. Kojima.


If you enjoy our regular comics feature, Star Trek Problems, you would probably really enjoy Chief O’Brien at Work. And now you can get a book of that comic by supporting this Kickstarter. Just figured you’d want to know.


sphero bb8 remote control

Today has been dubbed Force Friday because it features the release of a ton of Star Wars merchandise. People got in line at midnight on Thursday evening to be the first to purchase the mass produced merch. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I plan to get some of the new Lego sets and also the remote control BB-8, but I’m just too old to wait in lines for that stuff. I did it back when The Phantom Menace came out. I lined up outside a Toys R Us and went in with the mob to buy one of every Star Wars action figure. And here we are 16 years later and I gave them all away 2 years back when I moved across the country for a new job. I used to be a completist. Now I just pick up something if it strikes my fancy. I admire the fortitude and fandom of those who can deal with lines but they’re not for me anymore. I do love a good line story, though, so if you have one, share it!

guavian enforcer

guavian enforcer clip

Here’s a list of all the Star Wars stuff that is available today. One thing not on the list but that some people claim to have seen in stores is a figure from Wave 2 of the Star Wars Black series. It’s shown above and at first some people thought it was a fan creation, but if you watched the Behind the Scenes featurette that Star Wars released about Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, you can see it’s a real character, apparently called a Guavian Enforcer. Keep your eyes pealed.

  • Big Jim

    Jaws reboot? Only idea that’s worse than that would be if Spielberg woke up one morning with a severe case of Lucasitis, and decided he needed to “fix” the original. Hey, with CGI, Steve can now go back and insert all those shots he originally couldn’t do because the shark wasn’t working. And he will claim the new version perfectly realizes his original vision of the film. That is at least until his mania for perpetual tinkering leads to the next evolution of that vision. And somewhere along the way Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss will be digitally replaced by the actors who played them in the inevitable Jaws prequel films.

  • Julien Dordellie

    You know what would be great? Nobody watching any reboot nor any new version of classics. We have to stop going theaters to watch that crap.