Friday Round Up: It’s Friday Edition!

Jem! - From Cool and Collected

Jem! – From Cool and Collected

Movie Stuff

The trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s new flick Elysium came out and while everyone was losing their shit, I was a bit split. I do want more sci-fi films that are original works, but I don’t know. Just seems like this one is a lot of left over Halo stuff. Also, Matt Damon looks kind of dumb in his robo-armor or whatever that is.

Pop Culture Stuff

Cereal: I’m a big cereal lover and of course I’m a huge nostalgia junky, so of course I dug this 10 Discontinued Cereals list.

Site Stuff

Traffic: I’ve gotten a pretty good bump in traffic lately. Thanks everyone! I’m not sure how long it will keep up

Site Changes: I am thinking of tweaking the css that affects the look of the site. Unfortunately all the changes are live. So if you see the site looking weird, I messed up.

G.I. Joe Week: G.I. Joe week was a blast and a big success. I hope you all had fun. I’ve got one more G.I. Joe Con post in me before that’s all done. Hopefully we can do another big theme week in the future. He-Man Week might be interesting.

Convention Stuff

Cosplay Pics: Hit up this link over at Cool and Collected for a nifty collection of cosplay pics from Steel City Con.

c2e2: With c2e2 breathing down my neck I’m getting a tad nervous. I’m still excited to go, but the con is running right into prime time do or die homework time in my final weeks of school. This means I’ll have do try to do homework after the show in a hotel room filled with my fun friends. I’m not sure how that is going to work…

  • Thanks for the shoutout! Also, that article over at Cool and Collected really makes me want to go to some cons!

  • Thanks for the linkup!

  • No problem for the links dudes. I’m trying to drop more links and be supportive of sites I like. Maybe it will be good for my soul. heh