Friday Round Up: It’s Avengers 2 Day

So Vin Diesel has a new supernatural movie coming out called The Last Witch Hunter. Flew under my radar. Trailer looks okay but then again, as Red Letter Media showed us this past week, all trailers are the same! Lately I’ve been talking to my friends, when we game online, including frequent guest writer Matty who does a good impression of marble-mouthed Vin Diesel. Vin talks non-stop about family in the Fast & Furious movies so Matty said he should be the spokesperson for Olive Garden: When you’re here, you’re family. Just imagine that falling out of Vin’s mouth. Okay, enough foolishness. Read on for the news from this past week on Batman, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Fart Apps and lots, lots more.


The movie news that probably got the most attention this week was the supposed reveal of Jared Leto as Joker, as seen above. But the reaction was not very positive. Many fans did not care for the tattoos. I mean, would the character of Joker really be patient enough to go through all that? Then, a few days later, DC said he only had the tattoos for the publicity piece and won’t have tattoos in Suicide Squad. But if that’s so, why even show us a version with that tats? It certainly didn’t go over as well as expected. And that wasn’t the end of it. Two more images ended up leaking: Ben Affleck as Batman (not bad) and Will Smith as Deadshot (uh… we’ve been negative enough so “no comment”).

robotech mech transforming

Word is that James Wan, director of Saw and Furious 7 will next direct a live action Robotech movie, written by Michael Gordon (300, G.I. Joe). I liked Saw and Furious 7 so maybe Wan can do a good job with it. If you’ve never seen Robotech, it was actually the U.S. dubbed version of three Japanese anime shows, as though it was all one story. It was about a massive alien spaceship crash on Earth that opened wormholes to deep space. It gave us futuristic technology (piloted mechs that could transform into jets) but also brought waves of alien invaders.

casey jones stephen amell

Michael Bay shared the above image of Stephen Amell (Arrow) as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. I think the hockey mask is a little overdesigned but I think Amell is a really good choice for the role. Apparently Laura Linney also joined the cast to give it some sort of credibility. Who knows what role she’s playing?


ryan phillippe as iron fist

There’s a rumor that actor Ryan Phillippe is being eyed to portray Iron Fist on the self-titled Netflix show. If it’s true, it doesn’t seem like a bad choice. Danny Rand is a rich white kid whose parents die and he is raised in the mystical city of K’un Lun. He’s an outsider that becomes one of their best martial artists. It’s a story that can run the risk of the white savior trope but Danny’s such a likable guy. Phillippe showed that he’s willing to go all out in MacGruber when he ran around naked with celery up his butt, so I’m sure he can pull off a superhero.

Ray Stevenson as Punisher

Take this one with a grain of salt, but the rumor is Netflix and Marvel are moving forward with a Punisher TV show. I think he’s ideally suited for Netflix, as I argued in this article, but let’s wait for confirmation from a bigger source.

starship troopers

Last TV rumor but this one comes from someone who would know. Hitfix interviewed producer Neal Moritz who said he’s working on creating a Starship Troopers TV show. I think it could work as a TV show but it needs a network who can give it a solid budget. Not sure who fits that bill that would want it right now. I’d rather get the show Incursion that Steven DeKnight (Daredevil, Spartacus) was developing at Starz. That show would have a human army fighting their way into alien territory, planet by planet each season, in a sci-fi version of what the U.S. did in the Pacific territory of WW2.


This past week I walked to an arcade that’s not too far from me but I hadn’t visited before. It had a handful of new games including one called Star Wars Battle Pod. It was expensive: $4 for a game. But it was also a really satisfying, very immersive experience. You climb into a little cockpit that has a thrust and joystick. The screen wraps around so that if you’re looking forward it covers your peripheral vision. And then you fly an X-Wing, Snowspeeder or Speeder Bike around. I’ll say this: it made me dizzy a few times. It’s really intense but a lot of fun. The video above briefly shows the creation of the game. If you have an arcade near you, I recommend trying it out.

fart apps

Sorry folks, but Apple has officially banned Fart Apps!


frank miller then and now

DC announced that Frank Miller will be teaming up with writer Brian Azzarello to “complete the Dark Knight trilogy.” I’m pretty sure Dark Knight Returns was never intended to be a trilogy. It told a complete story. And so did the sequel they did 15 years later. This seems a pretty obvious attempt to simply capitalize on the 30th anniversary of Dark Knight Returns, especially with Batman v Superman drawing heavily from it. I was once a massive Frank Miller fan. I adored Dark Knight Returns and his Daredevil run. Batman Year One was fantastic. I was really into Sin City when it started. But then Dark Knight Strikes Back came out and I started to wonder if he was parodying fascist ideas or if he was serious. I’m now pretty sure that he’s serious. His work is pretty bigoted (if not racist – See Holy Terror, or better yet don’t) and misogynist. So… I’m not super excited for it. But maybe I’m the weirdo. Your mileage may vary. But I’ll leave you with this. The book is titled Dark Knight III: Master Race. Ouch.

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Let’s end things on a happy note. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! You can literally walk into your local comic book shop and pick up some free comics. If not for you, maybe for someone you know? Click here to find the store closest to you. Free books include Bob’s Burgers, Doctor Who, Simpsons, Savage Dragon, Marvel’s Secret Wars, Transformers, 2000AD, Attack on Titan, Hip Hop Family Tree, The Tick, Teen Titans Go!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and LOTS more. It’s literally free. Do it.

  • William Bruce West

    Ha! I totally forgot about Dark Knight III. I’m gonna lose my comic geek cred.

  • Chris Piers

    I can understand WHY you’d want to forget that. Master Race? Seriously? What is DC thinking?!

  • William Bruce West

    I expect that thing to be hella delayed, as it’s supposed to be an 8-issue, bi-weekly series. Still, NO artists have been announced yet. Shouldn’t they have had a head start? Why isn’t Miller drawing it? He did the other 2. It’s all just very weird.

  • Chris Piers

    I assume he is drawing it.

  • William Bruce West

    The last line of the DC Comics blog post announcement says “Artists for the project have yet to be announced.” That’s what made me think he wasn’t drawing it.

  • Chris Piers

    Wow. If Frank isn’t drawing it and only co-writing it, I would guess he’s even more sick than he looked during the Sin City 2 press tour.