Friday Round Up: It’s All About The Movies

Chris Piers   September 12, 2014   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: It’s All About The Movies

First, you gotta watch that video above where the music is removed from the end of Star Wars. It’s delightfully awkward. Another week brings another round up of discussion-worthy news. What would you say was the biggest news of the past week? Reply in the comments and lets learn… together.



I don’t know how many of you are watching the Nickelodeon TMNT show, but it’s really well done. Funny and full of adventure. Well, season 2 premieres tonight at 8pm ET and they’re doing a riff on Big Trouble in Little China. And in case you had any doubt that it was intentional, the villain Ho-Chan is played by James Hong who played the evil Lo Pan in John Carpenter’s cult classic. Click here to watch a promo video where you can see Ho-Chan in an episode titled “A Chinatown Ghost Story.”


Back in MY day, Fox’ family sitcom wasn’t Family Guy or even The Simpsons. It was Married… with Children and it was pretty hilarious. The cast recently reunited because Katey Sagal got a Hollywood Star or something. Anyway, now E! is reporting that Sony, who created the show, is shopping around a spinoff featuring the life of an adult Bud Bundy. I’d kinda love that! Chances are the rest of the cast wouldn’t be regulars since they all have actual successful careers (Ed O’Neill on Modern Family, Katey Sagal wrapping up Sons of Anarchy and sure to do plenty of tv and movies just like the always working Christina Applegate) but the cast is supposedly pretty close and I bet they’d show up as recurring guests. I wonder what Jefferson Darcy is up to?


There will be more movie universe stuff going on this season on Agents of SHIELD. First up, Marvel released the above still that shows that this season will feature a flashback with Agent Peggy Carter, Jim Morita and Dum Dum Duggan of the Howling Commandos. I guess both because they sort of formed the proto-SHIELD and because Agent Carter will be a midseason show set in that same world. The show will also feature comics characters Mockingbird, Absorbing Man and Kraken this season.



Do you need a goth burger? I don’t even know what goth would be called anymore. But in Japan, they have a press release that they will be releasing a Black Burger for the goth crowd. I don’t think I want black cheese.



Apple got a lot of press this week because they announced the iPhone 6 and an iWatch. Everyone lost their shit, either because they really want a new iPhone or because they already own an Android that can do all that stuff. Either way, owning a certain phone makes you much cooler and more interesting. But the only reason we care is because director JJ Abrams tweeted a photo about the iWatch news and in the background, you can see what pretty clearly looks like Death Star hallway. Would the new Star Wars movie really do a third Death Star?


So… apparently Sylvester Stallone is ramping up production on a new Rambo film. For reals. The 68-year old action star plans to write and direct a fifth film in the increasingly unlikely story of a Vietnam Vet with PTSD. According to Coming Soon it will be called Rambo: Last Blood. Which isn’t really a thing, but I guess we all get what they’re trying to do there.


The Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was revealed. It looks like that. Why does it have guns?


The rumor (and keep in mind that it is a rumor) is that Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy will show up in Avengers 3 to battle Thanos. With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, it does make sense that Marvel may be thinking about inserting some of those characters into Avengers and I doubt they want to keep Thanos teased for TOO much longer, but at the same time it’s so early (Avengers 2 isn’t even out yet) that we can’t really take that news seriously. There are literally years to go so things could change. That said, it would make sense from a story perspective. Drax’ whole mission is to kill Thanos and it’s likely that Thanos will want to destroy the Avengers.

So, the video above has spoilers from the Godzilla movie that came out this past Spring. As in, it features all the Godzilla footage from the film. Some fan edited it together to realize he’s really only onscreen for 8 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much but having seen the film I gotta say that it didn’t feel THAT small. It teases you and when he shows up it’s really exciting. But it’s a bit misleading. There’s lots of other stuff going on in the movie (no spoilers).



Game publisher Activision released the new sci-fi FPS game Destiny (by Bungie, creators of Halo) and claim that it’s the most successful franchise launch title of all time. Looks like the have the statistics to back it up, too. Friends of the show Joint Ops have launched an unofficial podcast about it. Did you contribute to its record-setting sales?



Hot Toys has in fact created a sixth scale DeLorean to go with its upcoming Marty McFly figure from Back to the Future. It sports the pretty cuckoo price tag of $689.99 which they helpfully allow you to pay off in increments of $77.62/month. Which means 9 months of payments for a car that doesn’t even come with Marty. Suddenly their $200 figures seem like a downright bargain by comparison!



We may have to have comics superstar writer Rick Remender on the podcast some day. He really is creating some of the most exciting stories these days both for Marvel (Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Avengers, Captain America) and himself (Black Science, Deadly Class). He’s the mastermind behind Marvel’s next event, which has organically built ever since their Avengers vs. X-Men event. Following that, Captain America decided it was time for the Avengers to better represent mutants and he formed a new Avengers team led by Havok and containing mutants Rogue, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch alongside Avengers stalwarts like himself, Thor, Wasp and Wonder Man. Anyway, along the way Red Skull stole the dead Professor X’s brain and got much more powerful. Now he’s using his powers to eliminate mutants and the X-Men and Avengers will come together to battle him in Axis. Remender has been talking about the story to Marvel every day for a month leading up to it. You can read about that here. It sounds pretty good and I only read 3 or 4 comics these days.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of debate lately over Scarlet Witch and whether she is too unstable. Read a harsh criticism of her character here. (The author later backtracked a bit with a second article detailing how to repair her character.) Do you agree? Personally, I think she’s not so far gone at all, and has been pretty proactive in Uncanny Avengers. I hope to see her gain more agency during Axis.