Friday Round Up: He Truly Is the Phantom Menace

Chris Piers   April 15, 2016   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: He Truly Is the Phantom Menace

Japan is bringing back Godzilla. Yes, there was an American version in 2014 but Toho Studios hasn’t actually made a Godzilla movie since 2004’s Godzilla Final Wars. Well, he’s back in Shin Gojira (Godzilla Resurgence). It’s important to know the Japanese films have rebooted twice before so there have been 3 “eras” of Godzilla and this will be yet another one. Looks like he’s leaking nuclear radiation or something in this one. And that tail! It’s almost a monster in its own right. Anyway, it looks fun.

Read on for the latest in action figures, Star Wars actors, Jared Leto acting like a nutjob, good pranks and other cool news that crossed our path this past week.


jake lloyd

Jake Lloyd, who basically quit acting after playing little Ani Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, doesn’t seem to have much love for his time with Star Wars. And he’s spent the last 10 months in jail for driving recklessly and evading arrest. Well, now he’s been moved to a psychiatric facility after it was determined that he has schizophrenia. Poor kid. It would seem like he won the lottery when he was plucked out of relative obscurity to be in Star Wars but things haven’t been great for him since.

joker jared leto

Jared Leto sounds like a goddamn nightmare to work with. In the name of method acting while playing Joker for Suicide Squad he mailed things to his costars including a live rat (weird), bullets (terrifying), a dead pig (nope!), and… used condoms. That just goes so far beyond the pale. I doubt Jack Nicholson or Mark Hamill is sitting at home reading that news going, “Oh! THAT would have improved my performance as Joker!” Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his portrayal and I never heard about him sending his jizz balloons to Michael Caine or anything. What a shitshow. I guess this is a good pallet cleanser: That time Joker went to the tattoo parlor to explain what he wanted.


Freeform, the channel that used to be ABC Family, announced they would have a live-action Cloak and Dagger show next season based on the Marvel comics. Cloak and Dagger were these perennial guest stars in the Marvel comics over the years. There’s a good idea there but it’s never quite appealed to the teen demo it’s after. It’s been argued that maybe that’s because they dress Dagger up in arguably the most ridiculous costume in comics, basically a skintight suit with a huge boob window. Cartoonist Kate Beaton, who will always be a worldwide treasure for her hilarious historical comics, created some comics that she posted to her Twitter account about the functionality of Dagger’s outfit.


black panther hot toys

Hot Toys has opened up pre-orders for Black Panther. I think he looks really good. I can’t wait to see Captain America: Civil War. The early reviews are all very positive but I can’t help but worry. At least they got the look of Panther right. And if you like Hot Toys, be sure to check out my article this week on visiting their HQ in Hong Kong.


he-man cosplay eccc

This past week was the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. Looks like there was some fantastic cosplay. Take a look at this top 10 list.


A lot of times I find prank videos a letdown. They’ll have a good idea but the execution is off. I liked this one. Two brothers take their younger sister to get her wisdom teeth removed. Afterwards, while she’s doped up on medication, they pretend there’s a zombie outbreak and ask her ridiculous questions like which type of cake they should pack in the car.