Friday Round Up: Ghostbusters, Superheroes, and… eh, you’re not reading this today ‘cuz it’s a holiday

Chris Piers   July 3, 2015   Comments Off on Friday Round Up: Ghostbusters, Superheroes, and… eh, you’re not reading this today ‘cuz it’s a holiday

We’re one step closer to Star Trek‘s holodeck technology (and the jizz mopping jobs that would come with it) or at least Minority Report‘s interactive computer screens. Japanese scientists have created tiny mid-air images made from plasma that interact with touch. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to jump 20 years into the future to see where it ends up. Anyway, we also have a bunch of news about Ghostbusters, Marvel comics and movies, Star Trek, Walking Dead and more. Basically, we’re a week away from San Diego Comic Con so we get a bunch of cool stuff.


Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shared the uniforms and proton packs from the upcoming reboot on his Twitter page. Basically, no huge changes. The suits and proton packs are different but recognizable. There is a heart sticker over the nuclear symbol on the pack, though, so I’m sure that’ll piss off someone somewhere. Same iconic logo. Although it would’ve been hilarious if they used the logo from Ghostbusters 2 with the ghost showing two fingers. For absolutely no reason. I saw Feig and star Melissa McCarthy’s latest movie, Spy, over the past weekend. I primarily went to beat some extreme heat (we don’t have a/c yet at our house). But you know what? It was HILARIOUS. So, so good. I’m starting to feel excited for this one now.

fantastic four no pants for the thing

Here’s a teaser poster for Fantastic Four. I’m not looking forward to this adaptation, which mostly uses the Ultimate Comics version because they HAD to do something different this close to the last two movies. Gotta say that no pants on The Thing is super disturbing. Does he have a butthole?

Learned some new tricks…

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Olivia Munn is going to be Psylocke in the next X-Men movie. Okay, some people think she’s a fake geek. I don’t have a strong opinion on her. The only thing I’ve seen her in was the HBO newsroom show. What was it called? I’m gonna google it. Hold on. Holy crap, it was called Newsroom. Huh. It was a forgettable show but the actors were all good, including Munn. Anyway, she posted the above video showing that she’s got some good swordwork going on. I hope Psylocke has a British accent, personally. I think being a shy psychic is a little more important than purple hair and ninja moves.

star trek beyond

The third Star Trek movie got an official title. It’s called Star Trek Beyond. I’m fine with that. It fits alongside Into Darkness. But it sounds more hopeful. Oh, and above is a sneak peak at a Starfleet uniform. Wheee! It’ll be directed by Justin “4 Fast and Furious movies” Lin.


fear the walking dead poster

Fear the Walking Dead, the spinoff show set in the same world as The Walking Dead but on the left coast and right at the beginning of the outbreak, debuts in August before its parent show at the end of October. They made the above poster for Comic Con. I gotta say, it’s pretty clever.


ant-man #1 cover (2015)

Marvel’s comics following its Secret Wars crossover (which will merge some parallel worlds and feature stories picking up after an in-story 8-month gap) were shown in the latest Previews. That’s the book that comic book stores order from. It has the covers and a teaser tagline for about 45 new titles. If you’re interested in Marvel superheroes, it’s worth scrolling through the covers here on Bleeding Cool. Some interesting changes include Ant-Man and Silk potentially going bad, Miles Morales as the main Spider-Man of New York, and Peter Parker being a globe-trotting scientist/superhero now that Parker Industries has taken off. Other changes include Kitty Pryde, Thing and Venom joining the Guardians of the Galaxy (kinda weird since those three are in movies that Marvel doesn’t control). Big emphasis on Inhumans continues. TONS of Avengers titles. X-Men books, too. Honestly, it makes it hard to keep up because they (at least in the past) cross back and forth so much. I bought a one-year Marvel Unlimited subscription so I’ll probably read some of these down the road. But I’m not super excited for them based on just the covers. Rick Remender announced he’s taking a break and he and Ed Brubaker were my fav Marvel writers. With neither there, I’m a lot less interested. Still, Soule, Hopeless and Duggan are all really strong writers with new ideas so who knows?


batmobile lego batman v superman

The Batmobile from Batman v Superman sort of got revealed. The Wall Street Journal got an exclusive shot from part of an upcoming Lego set that features the ride. What’s your favorite Batmobile?