Friday Round Up: G.I. Joes and D&Ds

My testicles descended a second time after seeing this.

My testicles descended a second time after seeing this.

TV and Movie Stuff

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Saw it, loved it. I’ll be posting a longer review, but in the meantime go and see it so we can discuss it when the review is posted. If you like action movies, this one is a win.

More G.I. Joe: While you’re at it, check this out. It’s other 80s era characters as if they were in the world of G.I. Joe.

Power Rangers: I never got into Power Rangers. I believe I was just a tiny bit out of the age range for the original series. Last week William B. West urged me to check out Power Rangers RPM. And I did! I am amazed that I didn’t hate it. I only watched the first 15 to 20 minutes, but it was a good start. I’ll check out more this weekend. I don’t want to be a Power Rangers fan, but I’d like to find at least something I like about the franchise.

World War Z: The trailer for World War Z before G.I. Joe: Retaliation looked a bit better than what I’ve seen so far, but it still isn’t World War Z.

Toy Stuff

Knight Rider: WANT!

Comic Book Stuff

Nowhere Men: Nowhere Men from image comics is picking up some steam. The first issue is on it’s 5th printing. My buddy is the artist on it, so I’m probably biased but you should check it out. If you’re into it or just like science, may I also suggest this “Science is the New Rock and Roll” t-shirt?

Tabletop Gaming Stuff

Uh oh...

Uh oh…

D&D Update: Thanks to schedules lining up I was able to play Dungeons and Dragons again after a long break. To recap briefly, the party consists of me (homebrew human ninja named Ren), my girlfriend (a Gnome druid named Dax), and my pal Agust (a Dwarven fighter named Tito). We were in the woods helping some farmers who had sheep stolen by goblins. We found the goblin camp. Dax turned herself into a skunk and infiltrated the small camp and we were about to surprise them when Tito blundered through the tree line at them screaming a war cry without pants and covered in bird shit.

The battle went fairly well, considering the Dwarf was half nude. My ninja managed to roll a 20 and then get 20 damage on the goblin magic user to kill him. Basically I filled a ninja star full of ki (ninja magic) and I tore apart his spirit. Dax the Gnome was blinded for a few rounds and she still managed to hit them. It got real dicey when the remaining two goblins ran to a nearby cave, because we figured there was some bad shit in there.

Tito took out one of the goblins and the last one was JUST about to enter the cave when Tito made a desperate gamble. This Dwarf that’s half nude, covered in bird shit and the blood of fallen goblins yells to the remaining goblin, “I LOVE YOU!”

That made the goblin pause in confusion for just long enough for me to run up to him and cut his hamstrings by rolling a natural 20 (actually I rolled two 20s in a row to get to that point!).

After I slit his throat because he was helpless (don’t ever say I don’t do nice things), we leveled up to level 2(!) and me and Dax took the sheep back to the village, while Tito feasted on goblin flesh and kept an eye on the cave.

The villagers were all cowards and refused to come with us to help and check the cave. We went back alone and walk into the cave to find a white dragon. Granted, it’s a fairly young white dragon, but considering that there only 3 of us and none of us are a healer class, I figure we’re pretty fucked the next time we play.

  • I’m going to need that Knight Rider set!

  • I was so close to getting it the other day at Toys R Us, but didn’t want to drop 40 right then.